Importance of a program being NAAB accredited - questions


I face a rather peculiar situation and am seeking advice before taking a decision.

So far, I have got admit calls from USC (MAAS PP) which isn't NAAB accredited and from UO (2 year course, NAAB accredited). It may also be possible for me to switch to regular NAAB accredited M Arch. program (2 year) in USC with advanced standing.

Now to give a bit of background, I have my undergrad five year degree in Architecture from India and have ~5 year of relevant work experience outside USA.

My questions are:

1) Would my NAAB non-accredited undergrad + grad (If I opt for one) degrees lessen the chances of work/practice in the US? Does that mean that, I can work under a registered
Architect but cannot set up my own firm?

2) Will an EESA-NCARB evaluation of my undergrad degree make it NAAB accredited? I would really appreciate feedback from someone who has tried to this earlier.



Mar 4, 15 5:23 pm

Bump! Can someone please answer these questions? 

I've got into CMU SOA's 2 Yr M. ARCH program (with $$) and I'm really considering taking it. But I'm not sure if their current 'Initial Candidacy' NAAB status is going to affect the chances of employability upon graduating.. 

Please advice.. Thank you so much in advance. 

Mar 16, 19 10:15 am

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