Kansas State, Iowa State, or Arkansas for undergrad architecture/interior design?


My senior daughter applied and was accepted into Kansas State, Iowa State and University of Arkansas Schools of Architecture/design.  Daughter is undecided between majoring in architecture or interior architecture/design, and which school would be best for her.  All three schools have very different pros and cons as far as facilities, location, reputation, etc.  We have visited all three campuses.

As parents we are unsure how to guide her. The schools and degrees offered seem so different. Researching architecture schools and the demands of it and the profession, our concerns are about job prospects after graduation and future career. She's 18 and focused on how the school "feels". Going by this factor alone, Kansas State comes in last for her as the campus and college town of Manhattan lack some appeal. 

As Kansas City residents, however, we know that Kansas State's program is highly regarded.  Also Kansas State's program offers 5 year Masters degrees, including one in Interior Architecture and Product Design that appears to be professionally superior to a Bachelors in Interior Design and from the other two schools.

 Is the advantage of the March in Interiors vs Bachelors in interior design significant in the job market?  (We understand the five year BArch and five year March are essentially the same degree) If you were helping your child choose a school, would reputation be the most important factor to consider?  The cost for all three of these schools would be similar for us, daughter received scholarships covering the difference between in and out of state tuition at all three. 

Any advice about how to help her choose a school/program is appreciated.  

Feb 12, 15 1:05 pm

We are wondering the same thing. Did you decide?

Aug 1, 21 6:55 pm  · 

As cerified interior designer I can say that the only answer to your questions is a degree in Architecture!

A degree in architecture will enable her to practice architecture and will provide her with the ability to sign and seal her drawings, she will be able to concentrate on interior architecture / interior design after getting a degree, working for companies that provide both services or service residential clients, and later on - when she will have her own practice - to go after projects that are gut-renovations / adaptive reuse and not ground-up construction.

A degree in architecture provides a wider path than a degree in interior design, design principles stay the same for both professions. 

Aug 1, 21 8:33 pm  · 
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Thanks for that information!  Do you have any input on which school would be better for this degree?  University of Arkansas, K State, or maybe U of Houston?  Thanks again!

Aug 2, 21 9:36 am  · 

I'd go to the University of Arkansas. With Marlon Blackwell heading it, the talent that the school attracts is much more compelling. 

Aug 2, 21 2:32 pm  · 
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