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Hello everyone

I am an architecture student almost graduating from school. I will obtain an equivalent of a B.Arch.

I am very intersted in Theatre/ Cinema/ Television so i was wondering if there is a Masters degree in the United States where i can use my architectural background to study Set design/Production design and in which schools

Thank you for your help

Jan 27, 15 9:36 pm
You might want to look into the schools in Southern California, where the film industry is essentially headquartered. I would look at schools like University of Southern California, UCLA, Woodbury. You might even have the best luck in looking at film schools and finding out which film schools curriculum have a track based on production design and set design. So you might not get a masters of architecture, but rather a masters in film.
Jan 27, 15 10:05 pm  · 

Thank you for your annswer, I looked into those schools before and I think that in order to get a masters degree in film i have to have a bachelor in film which isn't my case, but i will look more into it maybe I missed something

Jan 29, 15 1:51 pm  · 

I am an undergrad set designer in the University of Texas at Austin Theatre Department (just applied for my M.Arch I). The graduate designers I work with are amazing! You'll end up with an MFA in Scenic Design.


Good Luck!

Feb 17, 15 5:30 pm  · 

I am an architecture student, further study want to be in set designing. In which subjects i need to do masters?

Mar 6, 20 6:50 am  · 

Ohh great, I've always considered UT Austin, it's been on my top 5 list of schools :DD

good luck with your M.Arch application, hope you get in 

Feb 18, 15 7:41 am  · 

Carnegie Mellon University

Emerson College

Tisch School of the Arts

Cal Arts


University of Cincinnati



University of North Carolina School of the Arts

U of M

Penn State

Illinois State

The University of the Arts - Philadelphia

Ithaca College  ·  Ithaca, NY

To name a few.

Feb 20, 15 7:51 pm  · 

Thank you very much @Carrera for the list, I'm sorry i didnt respond earlier

Mar 14, 15 9:04 am  · 

The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign has a masters program in theater set design and a masters in architecture, both are part of the same college, it has been possible to get a masters in both in three years, folks going this route are very sought after for their mastery of lighting and color theory as well as the basic tenants or architectural design.


Over and OUT

Peter N

Mar 19, 15 2:00 pm  · 

Guys, i have a similar question for you guys. I am about to complete my architecture now, and I would like to get into set designing/ art direction. So is my architectural aptitude and my architectural port folio good enough to get into these colleges? Also, will it be a good field for architects to get into? 

Jan 29, 17 1:41 am  · 

Whoa ! Hi ! Even I'm looking into set design and so is Zainab ! Tell us if you find anything out ! :D
Mar 20, 17 1:56 pm  · 

Hi people, I am also in the last year of Architecture doing thesis right now, and interested in set designing/ art direction, but I'm planning that in India only so can you please suggest me what should i do further ? 

Nov 13, 17 2:46 am  · 

I applied for NYU Tisch's Design for Stage and Film years ago, but didn't make the cut. Reason? I didn't have a background or any experience in set design (despite that I indicated in my CV I was part of a theatre company as a performer and production assistant). My background was "too architecture" for them. (LOL i e-mailed the director asking why I didn't make the cut just for feedback)

Kind of contradicting when they tell you that they want students coming from or with different backgrounds outside of stage and film. Oh well it was freaking expensive anyway it was passable. 

If you're going to apply though for NYU Tisch, and you don't have in your portfolio any works related to set design, they will give you plays to research on for you to make a design of. I did Who Killed Virginia Wolf and an opera (i forgot the title). Best if you present a physical model and a digital model to show your flexibility and technicality. Good luck!

Nov 13, 17 7:29 am  · 

HI! Am studying 2nd year,B.arch. can anyone suggest me an architect working in film industry to do my internship.

Dec 7, 17 7:26 am  · 

Brad Pitt

Dec 7, 17 9:10 am  · 

That's a bloody shame.

Dec 7, 17 10:11 am  · 

Can anyone suggest me an architect who works in film industry for my internship in India

Feb 2, 18 8:15 pm  · 

I am an architectural student,third year b.arch....Though i have still 2 years to pass out ....i am more interested to build my career in set/film/television designing  in India or somewhere out.....i need your real suggestions regarding what should i do further to gain this opportunity....hence i can use my architectural background for it....


Sep 1, 18 2:15 am  · 

HI i am aishwarya kamble right now studing architecture and i am in fifth year i want to do set design after completeing my architecture but in mumbai itself can someone suggest any college in mumbai where i can apply.

May 9, 19 7:41 am  · 


I completed my b.arch this year and want to get in masters in production design, in India or abroad both are fine.Any suggestions are welcome. 

And please help what kind of portfolio do they expect

Oct 17, 19 9:50 am  · 

​UCLA offers MS in Architecture and Urban Design with concentration in entertainment , which is basically set designing. You can look into that.

Oct 17, 19 9:06 pm  · 

Guys, please advise me best graduate schools from these, for Master of Architecture program. I am looking for curriculum which has the strongest program of specialization in sustainability.

M.ARCH (Master of Architecture)

1. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - (Has specialization of Building performance in it)

2. University at Buffalo (Has specialization of Ecological practices in it)

3. Arizona State university (Has electives in sustainability subject)

4. University of Arizona (Has electives in sustainability subject)

Considering all aspects.. like excellent job opportunities, landing up in good jobs early,  top notch payscale , how good is the university overall, course, curriculum, location and overall ranking?

Which one is first class in all aspects? All in all, which one should I prefer?

Thank you.

Apr 8, 20 1:05 am  · 


I would like to specialize in set designing for the fashion industry, what career can I study for this, and which is the best university for it

Also I would like to specialize in architecture, is there any conjoined career or a major in one and a minor in another, and Which universities offer this

Any help would be appreciated 

Jan 31, 24 9:03 pm  · 

Look at Leger's stage designs and date a girl who works for the Ziegfeld theaters. Been there....

Jan 31, 24 10:46 pm  · 

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