Can I design a gas station without a license?

Saint in the City

A while back we designed a sort of gas station / truck stop megaplex.   Huge, and operational for several years now. 

The experience contrasts sharply to the above "Gas Station Talks", by Richard Balkins, Associate AIA, Illegitimus.  

Big difference between talking about doing projects and actually doing them. 

Nov 13, 14 3:47 pm  · 
This thread has gas.
Nov 13, 14 8:11 pm  · 

You know what you have when a Gas Station Blows Up?

___________  __________   _____________   ___________  _______________

fill in the blank.

Nov 14, 14 6:33 pm  · 

Saint in the City,

Not all gas stations are 250,000 sq.ft. malls with 1000 gas pumps for cars and 250 truck fueing stops with 2,500 truck parking and 15,000 parking spaces occupying a 1,500 acre site with a 1/4 mile drive up to the gas station site and an additional 1/4" mile drive exiting the station. 

Some are also very small with 1 to 3 or 4 pumps. 

Nov 15, 14 12:16 am  · 

I am stoned on some fine ass bomb ass ganja reading this, and as I suspected, yes it is even funnier while stoned.   

Nov 15, 14 12:33 am  · 
Saint in the City  Got it.  Gosh, I'm learning so much.  Thanks for everything, Richard H. Balkins, A.I.A, Illigitimus, you magnificent douchebag bastard.

Nov 15, 14 12:52 am  · 

Wow! I never thought I had a middle name that starts with H. Wow!

Did making all this noise and name calling make you feel better? 

PS: Geez, I already AIA Member status, now? I guess my decades of software development and software architecture and practice as software architect since the 1980s must count for something.

Nov 15, 14 1:13 am  · 

Richard likes the abuse...that is why he keeps these treads going...

Richard Balkins sleeps with a pillow under his gun.  

Nov 15, 14 11:08 am  · 

Saint, that douchebag bastard comment backfired.

Nov 15, 14 11:24 am  · 
Saint in the City

Like the "Profundus Maximus" backfire.

Nov 15, 14 4:47 pm  · 

Saint, if you keep at it and work hard maybe someday you will have an original thought. 

Nov 15, 14 6:45 pm  · 

Hey Tamar,

I was curious to know how your meeting went and how you plan on working without the license. Also, I was wondering which state you reside in, assuming you're from the States.

Nov 15, 14 6:52 pm  · 
Saint in the City

Jaffe, if you keep at it and work hard, maybe someday you'll appreciate the pot and kettle reference.

Nov 15, 14 8:03 pm  · 

Hmmm. Saint ... are you the same Saint that suddenly disappeared after getting you ass handed to you on a political thread here, or was that some other douchebag

Great way to return to the forum. Welcome back.

Nov 16, 14 12:11 am  · 
Saint in the City

The correctness of your perception has become your reality.

Have your therapist treat you for the Dunning Kruger Effect.  

Nov 16, 14 9:36 am  · 


Aug 15, 16 8:58 pm  · 
Non Sequitur
I remember this tread!

Such sorcery.
Aug 15, 16 9:22 pm  · 


Aug 15, 16 9:45 pm  · 

I agree with most of the answers here - probably not, but it depends on your location.

Sep 29, 17 12:26 pm  · 

Don't do it. Not worth it. In California and most coastal cities you need license and experience to do anything.

Nov 7, 18 2:53 pm  · 

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