my b arch thesis - nature interpretation center.


hi.. planning to do nature interpretation center as my thesis.. any help ? ?

Nov 8, 14 9:49 am

help with what?

Nov 8, 14 10:33 am
Do you have a thesis statement? Are you asking for articles, references, books, etc? Or do you expect other people to do your work like a certain someone else in the forum right now
Nov 8, 14 4:07 pm

Hi...I am planning to do nature interpretation center as my thesis.Can anyone please help me??

Feb 6, 18 5:26 am

Ask amith04.


how to interpretate people to nature ?

Need help for ideas,program,technology,research paper

For architectural thesis 

Topic nature interpretation centre

Mar 4, 18 5:28 pm

That's a topic, but what is your thesis statement about that topic?

Mar 4, 18 5:55 pm

I want people to  know how to use natural, biological land and water resources in a sustainable manner. so i want to interprete them with nature as site is in south goa cancona near palolem backwaters even site is near sea so aquatic life and ecology will be the part ....and i m searching solution in architectural way. Programe ll sereve different purpose like reasearch lab,environment education, awerness about biodiversity plus tourist visiter center and main interpretation with nature  i have few ideas like nature trails bird photograpy, few plantation that can attract other bird to site even expecting new creatures,design consideration Is less impact on ecology plus  use of eco materials and earthen materials , so i want some differents ideas to make people experience nature in architectural way .

Mar 8, 18 4:37 pm

Step one look for similar buildings

Step two narrow your focus after realizing that "nature center" involves hundreds of thousands of examples.

Also some folks get hung up on what this project is being called. Some schools will refer to a thesis as a final project before you get a degree, sometimes this is called a capstone project or senior studio project. Then there are a bunch of folks here on Archinect who think that when you refer to a "thesis" you are, or should be, referring to a research paper. If you can specify if this is a research paper or a studio project and avoid using "thesis" we can all get past some of the perfunctory  griping about what a thesis is or should be and move on to other more substantive comments.

Good luck with this 

Over and OUT

Peter N

Mar 8, 18 4:58 pm

I was really assuming someone was just trolling the forum, reviving an old forum by copy pasting sections of previous posts to ask the same question in an incoherent manner.  

Mar 8, 18 5:02 pm

"I want people to  know how to use natural, biological land and water resources in a sustainable manner."

Is this really a problem that Architecture can solve?

Mar 8, 18 5:13 pm

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