Public Marine Aquarium in a landlocked country


Hi guys,

I am an undergrad student about to start my final year thesis on "Public Marine Aquarium" . As i am from a landlocked country and there are no public aquariums in my country, i am worried about the location of the site as well as case study for my project.

i would be grateful if you guys could help me with any kind of materials. it may be case studies, cross sections, floor plans, conceptual drawings or whatever you think might be helpful.

Thank you for your help...

Sep 28, 14 11:13 am

Are there any major rivers in your country? Site the aquarium on one of those-see the Tennessee Aquarium for ideas.

Sep 28, 14 11:24 am

thank you. i will....

Oct 5, 14 11:04 pm

novel idea...but....have you ever considered some type of virtual experience?  You may want to explore the “aquarium” as VR space/s  rather than having fish tanks.  Think more like a planetarium...but the oceans of the world instead of space.  

Sep 27, 19 9:50 am

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