Atelier Bow Wow's Tread Machiya


Hi all, I'm a chilean architecture student from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and doing a research on Atelier Bow Wow's Tread Machiya.

I'm observing its relation with its urban context and the interior-exterior code that it generates on the approach sequence from the city.

For this, I need both a Plan view of the Tread Machiya, and its adress, to understand the house well, locate its block and clearly identify its city context, but I have been unable to find these on books nor the web. 

¿Do you know any japanese site or somewhere they could help me get the adress?

Also, if you had another cross section besides the one that's in all web it would be great (


This is the house:


This is my school's webpage:


Thank you very much.

Sep 7, 14 3:07 pm

2 minutes on google got me another section plus the fact that they're in shinjuku:

so if their office is 8-79 Suga-cho, Shinjuku-ku, then a 1/4 km radius should be sufficient for determining context

or google harder...

Sep 8, 14 4:33 am

Excuse me but that is not the Tread Machiya...

It's split machiya, as I could notice on 10 secs of reading. 

Thank you anyway.

Sep 8, 14 2:58 pm


I'm also looking for futher information about the Tread Machiya project. In case you have found something, would you mind to share it with me ?

I'm an architecture student from Brazil


Feb 8, 18 5:53 pm

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