Need Printer/Copier suggestions for firm office


Recently or Xerox 7535 Copier/Printer/Scanner has become the bane of our firm's existence since the drive software and accounting software has become outdated. We are a 100% MAC based office, and due to this problem, we cannot upgrade to the Mavericks OS because it would render us incapable of printing. (RIDICULOUS!) 

I'm currently researching new options for a lease, and was wondering if anyone out there can recommend a machine that both prints well and has strong accounting abilities. 

I've been eyeing a Kyocera that supposedly works with the new OS for MAC, but I'm on the fence.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!

Sep 4, 14 9:27 am

Keep the Xerox and loose the Macs.  Apple doesn't give a damn about business users these days.  Or roll the Xerox into your local Apple store and have the Genius Bar guy figure it all out for you.

Sep 4, 14 5:24 pm

Seriously. Switch to PC workstations. Then you can get whatever printer, copier, plotter, 3d printer, etc that you want.


I have recently used a canon IPF 750 (I think they have a model with scanner) and it has fairly easy to use accounting software and "cloud print" capabilities. 

Not sure if you are talking large-format or not???

Sep 4, 14 8:04 pm
julian Farnandez

I need one printer/copier for my office purpose.I have one printer which is very friendly for office work, but their is same issue. so 1st I want to Fix Epson Workforce WF-3640 Blurry Printing machine.if anyone have any suggestion how  to fix it up place tell me. 

Nov 29, 19 6:29 am

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