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a student in my school is doing his thesis on emergency housing, specifically focused on prefabricated solutions.

he's looking for similar case studies. i've directed him to the architecture for humanity site and some shigeru ban buildings. it seems to me there was a similar discussion topic here a while ago, but i can't find it. it had great examples.

if anyone can remember the discussion topic or would care to post relevant case studies, that'd be great.

ps. the student is not posting because his english is not too good. our school library is 2 bookshelves so any internet links would be appreciated. if you suggest a book, sadly, we probably don't have it. thanks.

Nov 23, 04 2:30 pm

Check out Gans and Jelacic. Refugee camp stuff. I think it may be on the AFH site but if not, give em a Google.

Nov 23, 04 2:36 pm

got it, thanks. i just need names, he can google from that point on.

Nov 23, 04 2:44 pm

what school do you go to?

Nov 23, 04 2:46 pm

i teach in south america

Nov 23, 04 2:50 pm

what country in south america?

Nov 23, 04 2:55 pm

i'd rather not go into that.. it is embarassing to own up to working in a school with only 2 bookshelves worth of architecture books.

i could really use those examples though. he's a good student. thanks.

Nov 23, 04 3:34 pm

Also check out the Rocky Mountain Institute - They did a charrette on sustainable solutions for emergency housing in '02 - lnk. We are working woth them on our 05 competition - Rethinking Tent City.

I wrote this blurb on emergency housing for WorldChanging recently but we should have the Design Like You Give A Damn book published in late '05.

FYI: We are currently building a database which will include alot of resources - in the mean time also check out groups like <url=]Shelter for Life[/url], GV Shelters and Cambridge Universities Shelter Project.

Nov 23, 04 4:00 pm

that should be - Shelter for Life*

*NB: Like Habitat for Humanity, it is a christian organization.

Nov 23, 04 4:02 pm

cameron: thanks so much. i think that's what he's looking for. yes, a lot of the housing initiatives here are also have religious affiliations but fortunately they help all.

Nov 23, 04 4:20 pm

I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable, my inquiry was only to perhaps be able to give you information in the students native language. That unless it's portuguese wouldn't single out a specific country.

Nov 23, 04 4:46 pm

I've studied in a university in Argentina (South America)
with few bookshelves (a lot of arch records mag puag…)

Now I'm here in the US, with a lot of bookshelves!!!!
I can't see the difference in the level of architecture
I don't think the # of bookshelves is something that really matter

Check this out. cobijo

if you need more info in spanish let me know by email

Nov 23, 04 5:23 pm

buckminter fuller designed the dymaxion deployment unit in 1940. the british war relief organisation asked him to design an emergency shelter. he created the design for the bulter company who manufactured grain silos of galvanized steel. the british didn't make the metal available to produce the shelters because it was needed for the production of arms.

Nov 23, 04 5:39 pm

this may not be relevant but you may know there was recently a pretty large earthquake in Niigata - Japan. Well, winter is drawing in and people can no longer stay in there cars and tents and so emergancy housing is being errected in safe areas. There are still many aftershocks making the area still quite dangerous so people are forced to camp in open spaces.

Let me know if you wish me to find anything further on this. I am in the right country to ask questions.

Nov 23, 04 8:07 pm

thanks all. joek, no i don't think he needs further info on the japan situation, but thanks for the offer.

re-@arte: yes i agree, but having been to the states and back myself, you do miss the book availability afterwards. te malensenas, y luego los extranas, sobre todo cuando te encuentras del otro lado y necesitas material de consulta para tus alumnos. gracias por el link, generalmente los links argentinos han sido una buena fuente para mi, sobre todo y

Nov 24, 04 11:39 am

about japan! clik here

Nov 24, 04 12:51 pm

Nov 24, 04 12:56 pm

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