Alejandro Zaera-Polo accused of plagiarism


Word at Princeton is that Alejandro Zaera-Polo, dean of the School of Architecture, has been formally accused of plagiarism to the University by a group of students. The texts in question are all associated with his contribution to this year's Venice Biennale. In interviews, Rem practically disowned AZP's part of the show, a research exhibition on facades. The Princeton SoA website has a summary of it up now. Supposedly large portions of his text were plagiarized verbatim; this offense normally gets serious academic review and possibly could have him removed as dean. We'll see soon enough. What's even more shocking is that the source that he is accused of plagiarizing is Wikipedia (!). He is obviously not an academic, but, I mean, come on. Wikipedia?

Aug 3, 14 10:00 pm

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boy in a well

and are you one of these accusing tigers, Tigers?

Aug 4, 14 12:35 pm

I find this fascinating. What if he wrote part or all of the Wikipedia contribution on facades? What if under his guidance, students put academic research on Wikipedia under the "facades" heading. 

If a work is the product of thousands of people, a collective effort, where does attribution need to be instituted? Did AZP present the work as is own, or did he merely "curate" the facades section of the Biennale as Rem did?

Did Rem properly attribute his toilets to their original designer/ craftsmen?


Anyone who hasn't grabbed some shit off Wikipedia and re-written it for fill or particularly banal portions of articles (introductions, overviews, etc)  is probably not a very good writer.

Why waste your intellect on beautiful words to describe the basics of building facades when you could easily adapt some other writing when the topic has been covered ad- nauseam. Then you pour your mind into the writing that relates to the truly original research and design that you are actually interested in writing about. 

I would never say this under my real name, as it is like academic suicide, but EVERYONE copies, just not everyone is good at obfuscating/ re-writing in a way that makes it original. 

Hell, half the best building geometry I ever scripted was based 90% on someone else's code... but they had never been able (or interested) to make the conceptual leap to achieve some new result.


I really am not surprised and don't think this is a huge deal.

Aug 4, 14 1:35 pm

I agree 100% with archanonymous.  I don't see how an accusation of plagiarizing Wikipedia can hold up.

Aug 4, 14 1:37 pm

I should probably clarify that I agree 100% with archanonymous' first two and final paragraphs.  As to reworking wikipedia for the more boring parts of your papers: copying is copying, and adapting is not copying.  In academia the plagiarism standards are very high.  Better to write your own version.

Aug 4, 14 2:44 pm

i would think the dishonest part isn't just that he stole other people's work, but that he tried to get people to think he came up with it.

you're not 'stealing' from wikipedia if you use them as a source (since i'm pretty sure their terms allow their material to be copied), but they should still be credited.  however, if he's saying 'look, i'm smart, i know stuff about facades' that's kind of misleading if the best he can do is copy/paste from wikipedia.  by claiming expertise in an area he apparently does not have expertise, it's academically dishonest.

for more information,

also from wikipedia:

Wikipedia's content is dually licensed under both the GFDL and CC-BY license models. Contributors continue to own copyright to their contributions, but liberally license it for reuse and modification. GFDL and CC-BY do require attribution.


of course if he did write the wikipedia article, he retains the rights to his own works and there is nothing wrong with using that work for the venice biennial.

Aug 4, 14 2:55 pm

"Plagiarism    : to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own :  use (another's production) without crediting the source"  (

It ain't the copying that's the problem, it's the false impression of original work created by leaving out any credit to the source.

Aug 4, 14 2:59 pm

OK, I see your distinction.  Still, something about tiger's original post just sounds like mean-spirited hair-splitting.  One would think if one's accusations were sound then one wouldn't have to hide behind anonymity.  I'm skeptical that AZP has done anything wrong.

Aug 4, 14 4:14 pm


I appreciate the distinction and was not promoting the plagiarism of Wikipedia, or any other source material... but in nearly every creative pursuit, there is a unique milieu of information surrounding some topic you wish to write about, and I think it is very rare that through a career, not one unoriginal or dubiously attributed thought would make it into your work, just from being exposed to such a milieu.

A certain portion of that information is directly accessible to the writer, while other thoughts and ideas may filter in through multiple layers or adjacency. I (and the academy) see nothing wrong with reading 5 people's version of "An Introduction to Building Facade's" or the equivalent, then reading each one of their sources, then constructing my own "An Introduction to Building Facades." but the fact is, it will be substantially similar to the other 5 texts. 

Furthermore, if my point was not to write "An Introduction to Building Facades" but rather to write "An exploration of advanced concepts in the fabrication of novel structural facades" , and I just needed an overview to orient readers, I just wasted a ton of time and effort re-writing some shit that is not even the focus of my research.  Better and more expedient to get good at re-writing, re-phrasing and re-focusing already written works to work towards your ends. 


but i see both sides of the argument. And yes, Wikipedia is "lame" but I bet encyclopedia britanica does not have a chapter on building facades.

Aug 4, 14 5:04 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Great Movie Scenes] Good Will Hunting - Bar Scene:

Aug 4, 14 8:59 pm
Tinbeary There there

This is why we have a no khakis and no pleats rule around here.

Kos Scarpa Kos

>>>great movie scenes...

The Great Beauty by Sorrentino - a case of plagiarism?

In the movie "La Great Beauty" I found many settings, characters, names, gags and music very similar to those I wrote or draw for the series and exhibitions entitled "Robert Star in Venice" - "Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte", realized between 2007 and 2011: an exhibition press release, six sketches, two brief dictionaries.

Aug 9, 14 4:11 am

I heard about this accusation too but from what I understand it has already been resolved. The claim came from a PhD student at Princeton  who had been fired from the project by AZP. Some time later he accessed the project archive and brought a claim to the university based on an outdated, non-published document. Instances of copying had already been rewritten by the time the accusation came forward and Alejandro had to be dissuaded from filing a libel suit against the student. 

Do you know what this text is from? Its part of Rem's 2336 page long book on toilets and stairs and corridors. I'm guessing some of this text is lifted from wikipedia. 

My sense is that this post is coming from a disgruntled student whose smear campaign failed and this is a last-ditch effort at defamation.

Aug 9, 14 11:52 pm

Interesting, Tigers is likely to be (name removed by moderator). He was boasting about it to other students for a while but nobody thought he was serious, although this is not a first: he had already accused some of his PHD colleagues of plagiarism, mainly to muscle his way up through the credit lists of joint projects. He has a reputation as a credit bully, and never accepts going anywhere but second. And the inclination to stamp his name to any paper that comes his way. He would not like to be fired or demoted in a credit list. He was also one of the main anti-AZP campaigners during the deanship search, and in the mini-uprise that greeted AZP when he took the post. So there may be other reasons for this.


If all this is true, he may have gone too far. I am with archanonymous on this: what is the big deal of using Wikipedia to do research? Is it illegal? Hasn’t it become the default research facility for everybody? Nobody writes code from scratch and nobody has a problem for people using stuff that is in the public domain; why should writing be different? But of course, in Princeton, Wikipedia is anathema; we are supposed to use only primary sources, so we spend all our time digging out stuff rather than thinking. In any case, the text is already published and can be easily dropped into a plagiarism software to see how much Wikipedia is left in it. Has anybody tried?

Aug 15, 14 6:47 pm
boy in a well

Come now, tigerstoo, do we have to stoop to (name removed by moderator)'s level by publicly shaming (name removed by moderator)? My dear tiger-stool, it's unfortunate enough to be named (name removed by moderator), but to be the child of a dirty cobbler, only Loos could imagine the horror. . . Even if (name removed by moderator) deserves to be the inaugural member of Rate My Academic Colleague, I'd still suggest you and your fellow kardashians - I mean ass-tattooed tigers - consider a traditional gauntlet of physical violence followed by a few rounds of quarters before before following in (name removed by moderator)'s ugly footsteps. But I'm old school that way.

Aug 15, 14 10:24 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Never heard of either guy, so looked them up. FOA did know that...anyway this is quite the classicly entertaining Archinect thread - old school, I am with 'boy in the well', a good cage match would be exciting enough to get people to read whatever we are talking about here. What page could I find this text on 'somethinganonymous'?

Aug 16, 14 2:50 pm

I've heard that it is no the first time he is accused of plagiarism, or maybe it is the same case. Any way. He published a text in his name, but it occurred to be an original work of one his students at Princeton.


But hey come on! Thats one of the benefits of being a architectural theorist at a prestigious university. Have students do all the work, and you take the credit. 

Wait a minute that sound familiar. Yep. Rem Koolhaas and his infamous Venice exhibition and not the least the Elements of architecture book. There was a bit controversy whether the Howard student should get more credit for their work. 

Aug 21, 14 5:10 pm
boy in a well

I heard he crushes kittens, or maybe that he doesn't.

Theres a pretty substantial controversy about it going on, but its, like, a secret, so no one's heard about it.

Aug 21, 14 6:17 pm
won and done williams
I don't know what's worse the petty academic accusations at a supposedly prestigious university or the absurd rationalizations for plagiarism found in this thread. Sad.
Aug 21, 14 8:58 pm

Actually, if you take a quote of ANY written writing EVEN your own writing from another source, you need to cite your sources. If it came from Wikipedia then you cite the source.

These rules applies to academic writings not necessarily to posters since you don't have bibliographies on posters. However, it depends on what it is. If it is a paper, yes. A mini-pamphlet... probably not. An academic research paper.... absolutely.

When it comes to academic and professional reports, cite your sources. Especially.... academic but you do want to do so with professional reports/research reports. 

Aug 21, 14 11:01 pm
boy in a well

are there any rationalizations of plagiarism? I think everyone agrees that you cite a source. Other than that, we have some writers acknowledging that its not worthwhile to rewrite history in order to write 3 sentences (and, ok, some mediocre chap accusing everyone of copying, which isn't true; a lot of people don't. But I suppose there are bad eggs floating to the top everywhere....). So what's absurd? I just think that everyone posting here smells a rat, or a ratt, or a Bratt, or, god forbid, a (name removed by moderator). Its sad if you cant recognize that.

Aug 22, 14 2:28 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Boy in the well - you do realize that no one really cares about this situation right? Other than the institutions of Princeton and Wikipedia most people including architects would be hard pressed to know these people "allegedly" involved and what the hell this is all about. I find this to be a very entertaining thread. I want to see more mud slinging to keep me interested.

Aug 22, 14 6:40 am
boy in a well

I have a pile of rocks and an uncontrollable urge to comfort the lonely and neglected threads of archinect. And I've heard there might be a tiger on my ass, but I've never seen it.

what was your point again?

Aug 22, 14 9:22 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

talk to the hand boy.

Aug 22, 14 9:53 pm
boy in a well


How about just a finger?

Aug 22, 14 10:14 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

hahahaha....I used that once when i kept a school blog ('06-'07) when some Kieran Timberlake supporter tried to bash me anonymously...years later I find myself working for an architect who specializes in waterproofing and we are looking at those drawings those kids did for Yale.   btw Eero's drawings for the Yale housing are pretty cool.

Aug 22, 14 11:12 pm

Definitely, the petty academic accountancy, holier than thou practices are, by far, the worst enemy of originality in research. Particularly when people make a career of becoming the watchdogs, to propel themselves forward in the credits of joint projects.

As for the rationalizations of plagiarism, what scale of copying constitutes crime? A 10-word chain? A paragraph? A whole chapter? An idea? And, don’t the Harvard students know that anything they do while working for RK, paid or as part of their academic requirements belongs to the project? Otherwise, nobody could develop research in research Universities like Harvard and Princeton. If the students were capable of getting the commission for the Biennale by themselves, they would not be working for RK. Would you? You can’t agree to work on a faculty project and then claim authorship for it. If you want to preserve your authorship, do not work for faculty research, particularly if it is paid research.

Amazon says that Koolhaas’ book with AZP façade chapter is out and published by Marsilio. I am sure that the accounting tigers have already got a copy of it, and have checked it out thoroughly for Wikipedia bits. They could share with us the sins of RK and AZP rather than spinning off anonymous rumors. If they want to become the Wikileaks of architecture, they need to deliver the goods.   

Aug 29, 14 6:04 am

Dear Dirk/(name removed by moderator)/Tigers

Had to move back here, ground Zero of your defamatory campaign, to reply to your post on Dezeen, where the moderator did not want to post my reply. this has the advantage that I can call you by your name. so for the general public, this post follows the following thread:

Not planning to answer in detail to your pointless diatribe:

1 Nobody blames Koolhaas for anything, but (name removed by moderator) and his supporters, and Eisgruber.

2 Bodycount under AZP bus? Please enlighten us.

3 I gather you are unable to find any other historical error beyond the Lever House instance.

4 Anti-intellectual manifesto? Rather anti-academic idiocy.

5. Plagiarism? Call it whatever you want. I call it paraphrasis of unacknowledged sources of (public domain) technical information. In the published evidence there are 16 of them, three of them allegedly a mistake of the publisher (like the Lever House text?). It is for everybody to judge if that is in any way an attack on intellectual rights or moral integrity. In the absence of further proof, that’s what we have, the rest are rumors. 

6. Re precedents for disclaimers in books, I do not know any, some people may. So what? It’s unique: He knew he had decided to remove all citations, in agreement with Koolhaas. (who appears in the book and in his own letter, as " overall author" while Westcott apperars as "chief editor"). AZP knew that was a tricky thing to do in the academic environment and with the background of your accusations, so he deliberately stated it upfront. The statement is not small print, is in your face and tongue in chick: clearly an ideological statement against the hypocrisy of the academic righteousness he was facing. 

I do not have any proof of the rumors, so they will remain rumors until Princeton decides to make the evidence public. But, since you are spreading rumors let me clarify for everybody's benefit what the gossip mill is saying. (and this does not come only from students or faculty, but from the professional milieu too!) You and another student were fired from the Venice research. Few months later, and after talking to a few (too) senior faculty in the School, you decided to hijack AZP’s project by making a claim over his ideas. People say there were up to three faculty members involved in the preparations, two of them the geriatric ones, and a third one who was allegedly well connected to Eisgruber. (There is a lot of speculation about his identity, as he seems to have been the most effective one). Because you had never written anything on facades, envelopes or building technologies, and your claim did not sound plausible, you entered illegally into AZP’s project archive, copied some files and sent them to the University claiming that the concept was yours and that he was using unacknowledged sources and asking students to delete sources. The story was false, primarily based on fabricated evidence, but the supporting faculty went to Eisgruber and supported your story. Some of them allegedly to other colleagues in NYC, spreading rumors, and even talked to the former ethicist of the New York Times! Meanwhile, you and your fellow disgruntled students (allegedly two other people fired from the research) posted a defamatory message here, signed as Tigers above. AZP seems to have acknowledged without hesitation the use of unacknowledged sources, but defended his right to do that in a non-academic engagement and in agreement with the overall author, as the letters demonstrate. Despite the illicit nature of the sources, the vagueness of the evidence, and the background of rumors, Eisgruber seems to have decided to ask him to step down with immediate effect, but as discreetly as possible. How much more clumsy can you get? How could the President of an ivy league University get embroiled in such a petty affair beggars belief. Did they think that AZP would shut up? There is intense speculation about his reasons to make his public statement a few months later, and some people believe there is an ongoing or imminent lawsuit in the cards, after failed negotiations. 

This may be all a conspiracy theory of mine. Perhaps. I have no evidence that I can present because my witnesses will not give evidence unless they are put under oath. But they might.

You are toasted my friend. Your oversized ego has made you prey of a group of disgruntled faculty who have encouraged you, in order to remove a Dean they did not like because he was trying to change a school that has become a cemetery of elephants. Your name is well publicized and you can be certain that not many schools would be willing to hire a rat like you anytime soon. Do I understand correctly that is is not the first nor the second time that you accuse someone of "plagiarism"? That there is evidence of a pattern? Your own colleagues will give faith of your rodent quality.  

You are not doing yourself any favors by extending further your defamatory activities. You status is now a liability for the University. How many Universities will be willing to acknowledge that they allow teaching assistants unwarranted access to their faculty archives, and that they endorse the defamatory activities of students and faculty, with the direct blessing of the President? Princeton unimpeachable? They should have disciplined you—and perhaps some of your supporters— long time ago for actions that would be illegal in a court of law.They are taking severe risks by not acting immediately. But I believe it is only a matter of time for the evidence to surface in its full force. Maybe under oath.

May 16, 15 7:53 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

can I get this internet rumble in monograph form to put on my coffee table?

May 16, 15 8:49 am

Wow! We had heard many of these rumors before, but never so articulated. It is not difficult to trace the conspirators from this description. 

If the unwarranted access to AZP archives and the slander are true and they happen under Eisgruber's watch he may be in trouble too. 

All this would come out in the depositions if AZP sues. But will he? Dinosaur is right. May be too expensive for what he may get, which is basically, a revenge. 

May 16, 15 12:42 pm

Chickens coming to roast.

Just found this in the Prince:

It looks as if there was quite a lot of stuff happening silently in the background, and it is now exploding in a thunder.

But no trace of Mr. Always-dirty and his geriatric faculty. Although there is a mention of "unauthorized and secret invasion of Zaera-Polo’s private computer archive," allegedly one of their most accomplished jobs in the process. Is the University shielding them?

I have asked for my very own copy of the amended complaint and will post it when I get it. It looks promising!

Oct 26, 16 7:47 pm

So, as promised: here is the amended lawsuit of Zaera-Polo vs. Princeton, fresh from the court, filed on October 12. In the very thread that contains the authentic “August 3 posting,” the onus of the defamation claims. Princeton has not filed any reply since June, which is strange since the customary period to file a reply in a civil lawsuit is around 4-5 weeks.

One has to tread carefully here because these are the Plaintiff’s allegations, but if they happen to be true, both Eisgruber and Prentice will need some cheek to stay put after after acting so self-righteously and then presiding over such an unbelievable chain of mistakes and breaches. It looks as if the reason for the amended complaint is the University’s revelations about the investigation and the resulting attributions, which are in breach of the University’s confidentiality of process, and the claims of fairness and ethical standards, which appear to be massively overstated an may put into question not just the moral status of the President and the Dean of Faculty but of a string of “perfunctory” committees and watchdogs. Eisgruber appears to have exonerated himself of breach of process and derelict of duty and Prentice appears to have engaged in breaches of confidentiality, several breaches of process, breach of the University standards of proof, breach of data and misuse of information. If the complaints are true, Princeton’s “fairness” and ethical standards have been brought down to an entirely new level, directly under Eisgruber’s supervision. See underlined paragraphs!

But no explicit mention of Mr. Always-dirty and the geriatric faculty, which appear to be hiding behind a confidentiality which they were first to breach. The University is now the target of the attack. That is also where the money is. Zaera-Polo is obviously rising the price tag.

Nov 5, 16 4:23 pm

That's old news just surfacing in court. There is more interesting gossip around: apparently Nader Tehrani and Sarah Whiting were in the committee which investigated AZP on behalf of the university. Then, they reappeared in the shortlist that the search committee made to fill the Dean's post, run by Stan Allen and constituted by at least two of the "geriatric faculty". At the last minute, Princeton realized that the search committee had included all the external guests to the investigation committee and shot them down. So Monica won because she was not involved. That's how things happened.

If these records AZP is seeking to make public are disclosed by the court the shit is gonna hit the fan and will spread way beyond Princeton.

Nov 5, 16 5:46 pm

This seems to be a week old, but it looks as if the defamation case from Zaera-Polo is not going well for Princeton. Apparently they tried to get the case dismissed and failed miserably:

Looks as if now the President and the Dean of Faculty (who by the way is moving up to Provost!) will have to make depositions.

We have checked with the court, but the verdict and the motions are not yet available. Will keep checking and post them as soon as they are available.

Btw, as promised, a better version of the complaint can be found in the following link:

Mar 14, 17 12:58 am

All right! Contacted the court to see if the verdicts and papers from the two motions lost by Princeton were ready. And, unbelievably, they were not. I wonder why the judge is not making them available. Is he too busy? Or the publication of the details is too controversial? In any case, documents filed in a public court are public unless there is some reason to keep confidentiality on them. Princeton tried to seal the case and allegedly lost already. So, what is holding the papers from public scrutiny?

The good news is that I found out that Princeton has (finally!!!) filed a response to the amended complaint. I just got my copy. Kinda low-key. They deny everything in very ambiguous terms, and they blame defamatory activities on “third parties.” In fact they deny the existence of the August 3rd posting (2014) which triggers this thread. Presumably that they know who are the authors of that post, which clearly breaches the confidentiality of process of Princeton’s investigations. Sure! There were three parties in those investigations: the complainant, Ever-soiled, AZP and the University itself. The university probably did not do the posting, and obviously AZP didn’t do it either. So, who could possibly had done it? Ever-soiled, his chums and the three members of the faculty that supported him and went to talk to Eisgruber: the geriatric faculty and the socialite engineer (the most important of all).

So, Eisgruber appears to deny that he knew that this thread existed before asking AZP to step down with immediate effect. Bollocks. He obviously knew, and he failed to act against Ever-soiled and his pals for breaching confidentiality, accessing illegally AZP’s archive, and engaging in defamatory practices, before asking AZP to resign. That makes him a clear accomplish in the defamatory process which he is trying to blame on “third parties.” Eisgruber and Prentice are obvious partners of Ever-soiled, his chums, the geriatric faculty and the socialite engineer. And it looks that a few other Princeton officers and committees have also colluded with them to conceal the process.

Enjoy the link:

Next time, hopefully, I will be able to deliver the verdict of the failed Motion to Dismiss and Motion to Seal! One day, they will have to release the stuff to the public. It’s the law!

Apr 23, 17 5:16 pm

Just on a holiday mission back to the court...

Found some documents that show the reason for this extraordinary delay in the publication of the verdicts. over a month old already:

Looks as if the lawyers from the University and AZP's lawyers are fighting over redactions of the documents apparently because of FERPA, so maybe Ever-soiled and Co. are involved in blocking the publication of materials... But it looks as if there is a process whereby a publication will be made, hopefully soon. Legal rhythm is too slow for me.

Jul 18, 17 7:53 pm

Amazing! I love Ever-soiled... Better than tigers...

I have not been back for some time and this looks like an interesting development. So Ever-soiled and the Princeton PC establishment are still at work, and actually, hiding behind FERPA! Shouldn't they apply their confidentiality standards to Ever-soiled himself?

The latest I have heard about sick PC in the SoA is that now they are hiring four African Americans into the faculty this year! That is about 20% of the faculty in one year! Nothing against the brothers and sisters, but are these four the very best the school can hire for 20% of their faculty overnight? This is sick. This is the kind of performance that propels Trump. If I was one of them I would feel deeply embarrassed.

It shows the desperation of Monica having to dissolve the toxic faculty in more bodies, African-American ones to the pleasure of the President who has to clean up the university record after the famous sit-in regarding Woodrow Wilson. He has to hire more African Americans to launder his record. Where?  In the SoA because, who cares about careful selection? As long as they are African-Americans its fine. It's a dump anyway. A famous "cemetery of elephants."

Eisgruber on his way to become the worst President of Princeton ever: first the sit-in, then the mess with the town taxes, then this lawsuit where he appears to be protecting people who accessed illegally faculty archives, breached confidentiality, tampered with the University watchdogs and allegedly exonerated himself... Ah, and this ghastly rephrasing of the University's motto. What do you make of a guy who in the first year at the helm of the University sets out to change the University's motto. How pompous! Just right for Ever-soiled!

Jul 18, 17 8:23 pm

"Nothing against the brothers and sisters." 

(Followed by a diatribe discrediting nameless individuals)

Jul 18, 17 8:59 pm

can I get this internet rumble in monograph form to put on my coffee table?

Jul 18, 17 9:19 pm

This is legitimate, researched, critical discourse. Wiley hardback. It's close to a coffee table format.


Ha ha, this is what I think tigerstoo wants with his reports from the court. (btw the link does not work, please re-load it) I think it would be a bestseller: a reader on academic cloddishness and sick political correctness. Maybe we should find similar cases in other Universities. Although this story appears difficult to beat.  You know, students are prone to naughtiness, and faculty are famously petty. But for a University President and a Provost to end up to their neck in this shit, it is rare. My discrediting does not go to nameless individuals, it goes first to President Christopher Eisgruber and former Dean of Faculty, now Provost Deborah Prentice. If there are nameless individuals is only because they are in hiding, apparently behind FERPA now, that is why we ought to use “Ever-soiled & Co.’ as a codename for these individuals. As for the faculty involved, they are not protected by FERPA but everybody who was around Princeton at the time of the facts know who they are. They are the real winners of the process and they are not protected by FERPA, so we may just name them so we are not accused of discrediting nameless individuals: the group who pimped Eversole & Co. and tricked Eisgruber and Prentice with false accusations in order to protect themselves from increasing scrutiny by the former dean were Guy Nordenson, Mario Gandelsonas and Christine Boyer, such bright stars of contemporary architectural thinking! Every School of Architecture would kill for them!

So, Marc, you appear to be an African American from your pic. Do you think that Princeton’s SoA move to hire four African-American professors in one year totaling 20% of the faculty is a truly progressive move? Or is another sick manoeuvre by Eisgruber which will be derided for generations to come for its blunt clumsiness? Would you like to be hired under these conditions? Anyhow, it has not happen yet and while my source is sound, I still can’t believe that these guys can be so dumb. Let's see if it actually happens. So far they announced only one of them.

Jul 19, 17 10:21 pm


here it goes again!

Jul 19, 17 10:26 pm

the real scandal is the potato scanner being used to upload those documents.

Jul 20, 17 2:12 pm

My comment was not about the hiring procedures at Princeton.

My comment about was the patronizing misappropriation of a common phrase to set up a string of comments to belittle unnamed individuals- only to fan a fire.

Jul 20, 17 7:10 pm

Well I am sorry I cannot help you with the name of the students involved. I have already tried. Their anonymity appears to be protected by FERPA now. Even if I did, the moderator would erase it. But maybe they could come forward and defend themselves. But they are in hiding like little rats, even if everybody knows who they are because they were bragging about their achievements. Belitteling? Impossible. These people are just self-aggrandising midgets, used to claim the work of others as theirs, obsessed with plagiarism because they have no ideas on their own so they are always hunting for other people’s ideas. I know very well because I was a classmate of Ever-soiled, and I could tell you stories. In fact many people at the SoA PHD room could tell you stories. And even in the Yale PHD room, where he spent some time. The guy has a whole history of plagiarism accusations against students and his classmates, so he could advance himself in the credits of the joint projects. Ask around. If you say “Ever-soiled” they will know who he is. About the others I do not know so much, but it looks as if one of them is Tigers, the starter of this thread in breach of confidentiality of process. He could have his title removed if found guilty of that.  The other was the one who gave access to Ever-soiled to the Facades project archive, so his stakes are high here because he is committed breach of data and possibly misuse of information. I doubt FERPA would be applicable to them once the case is heard, so you will know their names soon enough.

Jul 20, 17 11:13 pm

Oh I am sorry about the quality of the scan, you know I am reporting from the front, and hand-held scanners are sometimes unreliable.Not too interesting if you cannot read. Just that the lawyers are fighting about the extent of redaction of the documents to be published about the two lost motions by Princeton, who were trying to seal the whole case. And they are discussing about FERPA, so probably Princeton is trying to hide the names of the students involved.

I have also heard about the mass hiring of African-Americans at the SoA as a perfect symbiosis between an embattled president eager to show that he is no Woodrow Wilson (which in fact he is not) and a Dean in need to dilute the toxic faculty at the SoA. But my information is that they are not four but three, and in fact they just announced the hiring of a female professor of Middle Eastern origin educated at the ETH. But still, 15% of the faculty hired in one year are African-American. Meanwhile they kicked out Axel Kilian, one of the most decent people in the faculty. So, the SoA is back to its customary technical ignorance. All signs of a school in very bad health.

Jul 20, 17 11:18 pm

speaking of systemic....  how is the coffee table book coming.

Jul 24, 17 7:32 pm

I think there's plenty of material here.


I have been looking at FERPA, and actually it does not apply to here because we are not the University and we are not hired by Princeton. Moreover, by releasing the names of the students that brought the SoA to its knees after two stellar years of AZP’s Deanship, we are not releasing any University records, but facts that are vox populi. I do not know why the moderator of this site removed Ever-soiled real name, but let me help all of you interested in the “unnamed individuals” who we are allegedly demeaning here. Following the Ever-soiled example of code naming, I think I am obliged to help to build the plot. Beyond Ever-soiled, there was Mr. Mucksack who is actually Tigers, the initiator of this thread, who breached confidentiality of process on behalf of Ever-soiled, and organized letters in support of Stan Allen for stepping forward to save the SoA after AZP stepped down. (Stan poor thing was probably feeling low after realizing he should have declined to take over straight away and was in need of some comfort) There was also Mr. Fried-Brains, who set up a secret automatic device which was recording the Façade project archive long after all of them had left the project. He was the one who gave access to Mr. Ever-soiled to the archive which then he “misused” in his complaint. Ah, and there was also Ms. Foil, whose role in the process is much less clear, (or let’s say, perhaps less unlawful) although she was the first to be fired from the Façade project and left a substantial record of cheering on the process in her social media. Whether she ever rose to something more than Ever-soiled chief cheerleader, we do not know, but will find out soon enough. She is likely to have been the majorette of the team. It is unlikely FERPA or Princeton’s confidentiality rules will apply to these individuals after their actions are discovered in the process.

That Eisgruber aligned himself, knowingly, with this caliber of people (including the faculty that supported these students, listed above) is not surprising after discovering that his PC-sick, Trump-building, recent policies of ethnically-driven mass-hiring, are clumsily aimed more at saving his ass than at building up a decent University. Or at least keeping the one he inherited. What is more surprising is that the Trustees, who are now co-defendants in the lawsuit, are putting their lawyers to work on the cover-up of all these people by launching (and losing) “motions to seal.” Isn’t their role to make sure that no little-minded petty bureaucrats with no ideas, who have been climbing the University ladder for decades out of being PC, make it to the top? Or at least, that if they do, they do not stay for too long?

My guess is that now that the Motion to Dismiss and the Motion to Seal have been dismissed by the court, the University will drop suddenly the students and stay away from them as far as possible, and pretend they knew nothing about their wrongdoing. There is too much at stake for the Trustees of Princeton University to be co-defendants in a case that is likely to discover breach of data, breach of confidentiality, misuse of information, libel, defamation etc The rumors are that AZP lied low for a while to hack everybody for months very thoroughly, and now has sufficient ammunition to bring Eisgruber down. Which will be pretty good for the Princeton.

Jul 25, 17 11:39 pm

I'll just wait until Netflix comes with

"How to make a Plagiarist"

Jul 26, 17 2:52 am

Yeah I can see that happening. I mean, they're already giving big d**k his time in the sun with his literal works so why not?

So Dinosaur2.0 and tigerstoo are both clearly "embattled" white men - boys? - who have to hide behind anonymity even to to air their imagined grievances. Poor babies.

This thread is gross. Just go do your work and MYOB. You'll be fine.
Jul 26, 17 7:35 am

I don't get all the fuss either, I mean it's architecture; everybody borrows, steals and plagiarizes.
and I really don't think it's fair to accuse someone of anything without full disclosure of one's own identity


Yes I'm a hypocrite, hiding behind a nom de plume myself, but I'm not out to destroy peoples careers.

Well, think it in the context of the (any) Institution, not just the profession.


I assume this person is trying to salvage their reputation. This sounds like an incredibly toxic work environment. I don't disagree with you Donna but I think many SOAs are looney bins.

Jul 27, 17 1:05 am

Great idea, why didn’t I think about that before? The Making of a Plagiarist is a great suggestion for a title, but what about The Revenge of the Eunuch Students, in reference to the sickening political correctness taking over academia? See Lukianoff’s “The Coddling of American Mind” and the troubles of Germaine Greer to speak. This time expanded with the SoA mad hiring spat of African Americans.

The cast is perfect: Ever-soiled is a pigfaced Vince Neil-lookalike slob. Mucksack is more Echosmith than Motley Crue: a preppy, overcombed spoiled brat. Fried-Brains is kind of preppy too but less idiosyncratic. Foil is a perfect Cruella de Vil, a Wendi Deng-like killer type. And they are joined by Guy Nordenson trying desperately to be a cool designer in a bolo tie and Christine Boyer like a myopic granma, permanently grumpy. And then Mario Gandelsonas as the perfect impersonator of Dr. Voldemort, plotting in his office with Eisgruber, who looks like a clumsy overgrown altar boy… and of course AZP himself looking like a narco don, with sideburns and hairy eyebrows and an air of menace around him…

It would be a total hit! 

Dear Donna I am sorry I hurt your sensibility. I truly appreciate your sincerity and your open identity. You are one of the few around here, unfortunately. I have made my business to denounce the people who do not hesitate to accuse others anonymously, claim their work, breach into their archives etc while claiming correctness and honest scholarship. Even worst is the faculty that used than these kids to their own advantage. And the stupidity of the President and the Dean of Faculty who fell in the trap and then had to manipulate, apparently, all sorts of committees to legitimize themselves. There is only so much that a school can take and these self-righteous people appear to be determined to burn it to the ground. Yes I happen to be a white male, like most other Alumni, and like the vast majority of the perpetrators. Do you think that the SoA is hiring four African Americans at once (or three, whatever) because the new Dean is a Hispanic woman and therefore more progressive than the white boys? Do you see this as an adequate policy that every school should replicate? Don’t you think that it is a continuation of the same breed of clumsy, sickening political correctness that originates with another white male, Eisgruber himself? Princeton used to have rooms for African American slaves, who served some members of the community. Now African Americans are being hired to neutralize the toxic faculty (those guys above, for example) at the SoA faculty meetings. Is this a new form of slavery? It is gross, but not just because we dare to write it.

If Princeton was truly committed to real change, they will immediately replace Eisgruber with, for example, Michelle Obama, rather than bringing droves of African Americans to vote in consonance. But they are just interested in perpetuating the status quo by claiming high academic standards which are then hidden behind “motions to seal” crafted by University lawyers. If not Netflix, all this makes the perfect fodder for Breitbart.

I promise I will reveal my identity once Tigers comes forward. Or when he becomes exposed by the court process.

Jul 27, 17 7:16 pm

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