Bsc Architecture Thesis Topic help!!!!


I am a final year student pursing an architecture degree. I have problem in chosing a topic for my design thesis. We are required from school to provide 3 topics based on our own interest.

I have interest in designing a car showroom, a church or a highway reststation but I am not sure which topics will support the designs. For the church, I am thinking of  form and function, so I came up with, 'Integration of form and function in design of structures'. For the car showroom, I thought of 'Use of Structural facades for Interior Illumination'. Then for the Highway Reststation-I thought of focusing on landscaping but I have NO IDEA about the topic that could match the design.

I am generally interested in topics related to:



3.Material Usage

4.Forms and Function

5.Glass, Steel and Concrete.

In terms of design, I am interested in designing


2.Highway RestStation

3.Car Showroom

I also would  if people can suggest topics which can support the designs.

Please I need help. We will be presenting by September 2014. Thanks alot

Jul 25, 14 10:47 am
Non Sequitur

What about you design a church large enough to both act as a car showroom and rest stop? This way people can  pray to jeebus all they want from the comfort of their SUVs all while being able to grab a slushy or XL coke from the snack vendor in the rest room section.

Think about it... instead of the alleluias, it would be a flurry of car horns and engine revving.

Jul 25, 14 11:04 am

^ Ventilation would be key in that case. 

Jul 25, 14 11:13 am

I don't want is combined. Is should Car showroom or church or highway restation. No any two combined. And I have a new design I want you all to view as well, ' A fruit processing industry'. What thesis topic could go with this. Thanks

Jul 29, 14 10:28 am
Non Sequitur

I don't think you understand the point of a thesis... it's a position you take on a subject where, hopefully, you address a specific problem with an architectural solution.

Your position/hypothesis is important and perhaps you should ask your professors instead of hoping random strangers do your work for you.

For the record, my triple-idea-sandwich I mentioned earlier would make a great satirical thesis.

Jul 29, 14 10:43 am

Praise The Lord and buy a ford.  

Jul 29, 14 11:34 am

I don't want is combined. Is should Car showroom or church or highway restation. No any two combined.

Imagine someone actually pronouncing the above words, but with a Chinese accent.... "restation" is to "rail station" as "Chinese foo" is to "Chinese food". 

IF my hypothesis is correct, that the OP is from a foreign country- most likely China, I wager they don't understand the point of a thesis because they are just taught to produce and not really taught how to think....

Sorry people- I don't discriminate... I'm married to an Asian :)

Aug 1, 14 12:50 pm

Effective Circulation affects the functionality of a retail store. THesis topic for A carshowroom. What do you think guys I have no idea how thesis is being written

Sep 3, 14 5:18 pm

I think you need to study the word thesis before you proceed. A thesis is a proposition to be proved or one advanced without proof. Example:

Original thesis: Although the timber wolf is a timid and gentle animal, it is being systematically exterminated. [if it's so timid and gentle -- why is it being exterminated?]

Revised thesis: Although the timber wolf is actually a timid and gentle animal, it is being systematically exterminated because people wrongfully believe it to be a fierce and cold-blooded killer.

Your interests are fine but you need to find a paradox in these building uses and state a thesis: “Churches are designed for worship but do not deliver on that promise because they lack theologic insperation”. Then state the reasons they don’t fullfill the promise and design something that does.

Sep 3, 14 6:13 pm

a project is not a thesis.

Sep 3, 14 6:39 pm

Hi..My thesis topic is hill station ..If u have the data regarding this topic please send it to me asap at

pleasw and give some suggestions .that how i can collect info n my design process to

Aug 1, 17 12:52 pm

I hope your inbox will be filled with spam and dick pics (m/f) from now till eternity


Apparently there are a LOT of hill stations

Aug 1, 17 3:36 pm
You'd think the undergrads would have learned by now not to ask archinect to do their homework.
Aug 1, 17 6:17 pm

AFAIK a thesis is a scholarly architectural study. I did Egyptian Revivalist Architecture for my degree thesis and then I did the History of Architectural Illustration for my Diploma written study. So you could do the History of Car Showrooms, or perhaps a thesis on Ecclesiastic Building Conversion or something like that but its got to be a scholaraly study of something architectural, but it could be a building study of something architecturally remarkable like The Sagrada Familia (too obvious that one though).

Unless your course is radically different from mine and requires the thesis to be related to one of your building design projects, which of course it could be. But that would be more of a 'design statement' not a thesis.

Aug 2, 17 7:29 am

hi this is Swathika, i am interested in doing thesis on uraban conservation, can anybody guide e on this.

Aug 15, 17 10:01 am


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