What are the top European Graduate schools (aside from AA/ Bartlett)?


What other EU countries offer exciting programmes in English other than UK, Netherlands, etc..

Mar 5, 11 9:25 pm

From less than a week ago:

-Dessau and Staedeschule Frankfurt (post-grad) in Germany
-ETH Zürich (bachelor and Masters in German, post-grad courses in English) in Switzerland
- Die Angewandt Wien (Studio Lynn, Hadid, Prix [again post-grad]) in Austria
- IaaC in Catalonia
- Royal Danish academy of the arts in Denmark
- KTH Stockholm in Sweden
- Oslo school of architecture Norway

Off the top of my head. But really, you should do a search. This isn't exactly a new subject on archinect.

Mar 6, 11 4:28 am  · 

Why there is no TU Delft on the list?? It is the best architecture school in EU, with an AA/Bartlett....

Jul 4, 22 4:52 am  · 
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Also, TU Delft Ranked as an 2nd in the world.....

Jul 4, 22 4:56 am  · 
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i noticed the thread too, but I am curious to know which schools are competitive based on personal experiences of those who were/are studying in Europe now. For now, I'm just gauging from each school's very promising websites but not from first hand experiences.

Thanks for the names btw!

Mar 6, 11 8:38 am  · 

"I am curious to know which schools are competitive based on personal experiences "

Apologies but I fear that my school will be significantly better than yours, in my personal experience.

Mar 9, 11 12:07 pm  · 
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I am interested in pursuing a master in sustainable design. The ETSA, at Politecnico de Madrid offers this program. What do you all know about this school's competitiveness on this specific subject? Do you know other good programs in europe on this subject?Thank you.

Nov 11, 13 10:37 pm  · 

I know ppl who studied at ETSAM and they are excellent, they easily can get jobs anywhere and have great portfolio´s.

Jul 4, 22 5:16 am  · 

salinas10, I think that ETSAM is better known as a school with some good teachers in the field of design.

That said, they have been responsible for bringing Solar Decathlon to Europe and I know people who did that program and were satisfied.

Nov 12, 13 1:07 pm  · 

Thank you for the feedback david.amr. 

Nov 12, 13 11:30 pm  · 

It depends on what program you are mostly inclined to. Some schools doesn't offer what others do. Try this site: 

Nov 13, 13 2:30 am  · 

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