Architecture and Law Studies!!


I am wondering if architecture and Law has any combination any how?? If we as an architects also have good prospects in Law studies or some one knows any school who has such professional course.. It may be awesome if someone get specialization in solving all those building disputes and all!!! lets see..

Jul 22, 14 8:56 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

If we are going to pretend to be lawyers we should actually study law in school. If you get a degree on both and a license in both its real good money in the arbitration business.

Jul 22, 14 9:19 pm

Having met someone recently who holds a B.Arch from Illinois Institute of Architecture & his J.D. from Cornell University law school, he told me that really is the 'upper hand' in combination of degrees over an MBA. He also added to me that eventually when he opens his own practice he'll be able to recognize details in contracts and etc. Had my alma mater, University of Michigan, had a Bachelor of Architecture program I prolly would have taken that route of BArch to JD.

Jul 22, 14 10:00 pm
Mainly there are two options for which this combo of degrees could be valuable: Professional practice lawyers who handle contracts and civil disputes in the field of construction, encompassing architecture; and zoning/real estate law. The arch degree would be more helpful in the former.
Jan 19, 18 12:41 pm

The big problem with architecture students, they want to study everything and have knowledge of everything.

IMO: dont be a jack of all trades and just pick one subject and try to become a master.

Jan 26, 18 5:40 pm
There's always the argument that architects are really just lawyers with drawings. Of course far lesser paid...
Jan 26, 18 9:42 pm

A 5 year B.Arch then law school would probably be the fastest and best route.  The people I know who have taken that route have done quite well in business.  Some people worked in architecture for a while before they moved on to law school, others did not.  

Apr 24, 19 10:43 am

Just be aware that the legal profession is as overcrowded as architecture.

Apr 24, 19 11:26 am

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