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Hello everyone.

I have been looking for (for quite a long time I could say) some course in wood technology. However, not a specifically engineering course. Something more similar to the wood programme in Helsinki ( The wood programme at Aalto University). Something related to design as well. Unfortunately, this one in particular,  does not accept any kind of support such as Erasmus.

I have already found some.

Lulea University in Sweden. KUNST UNIVERSITÄT in Austria. Rosenheim in Germany has something similar as well, but not really what I want.

The fact is, I don't know much about any of them. If they are a good choice or not. 

If anyone knows something related to that it'll be great!!

Jun 28, 14 9:35 am

hi FilipE

i have heard a lot about this programme at the AA, called the Design and Make. I don't know what your background is, but this is an M.Arch programme and is very hands on. Here is the link,

I hope this helps!

Jun 30, 14 8:38 am  · 

this should give you some more info

Jun 30, 14 8:39 am  · 

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