Wismar or Dessau - master in architecture

Hello I recently got accepted to DIA in Dessau for master program in architecture i'm still waiting for the results from Wismar university where i applied for the same program. I would really appreciate if someone could advise my which school is better and which one has a better opinion in Germany?  

- Kasia 

Jun 27, 14 1:03 pm

maybe someone was studying/is studying on wismar university? i can get quite a lot of opinions on dessau institute but none about the wismar university ... 

Jun 28, 14 5:51 am  · 

Hello, @katarzyna pis , i also got accepted in dessau institute of architecture and i am planing to attend on october 2014. After doing a research on both programs, i think dessau is a better choice for many  reasons. First, the fees are much less in dessau  than in wismar., living cost in dessau is also very cheap. Secondly, the variety in ideologies reflected in having many classes option to choose from is what makes Dessau  very special. ... There are also many other reasons ... 

Jul 13, 14 2:34 pm  · 

I also feel more like studying in Dessau. One thing i can't agree with you on are the fees... from what i know university in Wismar does not charge any fees for degree courses, so it is much cheaper to study  there... still it seems like DIA is a better architecture school. 

Jul 14, 14 6:34 am  · 

i am still the same person 'alaarchitect' , anyway i was just checking wismar's website and found that the master course is not taught entirely in english . Check on google >daad> and search for the university you'll find that the language is 60% German to 40% English. So i don't know whether you are a german speaker or no but i am not, which only leave me with the possibility to attend the fully English taught master program of Dessau. Moreover , i checked projects and course of study for both dessau and wismar. I found that dessau will suit me more for though it has a deep relation to the tectonic handling and the intense use of advanced technologies in architecture. 

Jul 14, 14 10:40 am  · 

You are right about the daad thing i also sow that while doing my first research but then the secretary of the university informed me that you can choose to do master entirely in english or in german. I guess they just don't update the informations on the daad website :)

Jul 14, 14 1:52 pm  · 

Yes, anyway this is all what i think . i am not sure though about any information i have said. i mean these were what i feel not what i know ! I didn't attend any of both programs so my opinion is somehow not very objective. Wismar may be better than dia , or the opposite,none can assure until he tries both. Anyway good luck for any choice you take.

Jul 16, 14 3:05 am  · 

thanks for your opinion and maybe see you in october in Dessau :)

Jul 16, 14 7:03 am  · 
Ahmed Maher

Hello there

Am afraid it is not rated in the top 10 in Germany to study Architecture.

Any Idea ?

Thank you

Oct 9, 14 5:07 am  · 

@ ahmed mahar
dear can you tell what are actual TOP 10 in Germany to study Architecture?

Oct 16, 14 2:08 pm  · 
Usev kerfouf

Did you make it to the Dessau institute of architecture DIA ? I'm planning to apply soon, Student from developing countries get accepted since we have poor educational system ?

Nov 29, 15 7:33 am  · 
saeed n.k.

hi everyone

regarding wismar, (lighting design)

is it hard to get in? i have applied for it, and sent my portfolio, but since i have no job experience, i am worried that i would get rejected easily.


Feb 7, 16 9:27 am  · 

Hi5, did you get admission in Wismar

Jun 29, 22 3:15 pm  · 

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