Chicago CAD file

Does anyone know where to look for a current CAD file of Chicago, hopefully showing footprints of all buildings?


Sep 2, 10 4:27 pm

I need this as well! Also for several other cities...

Washington DC
New York City
Los Angeles
Hong Kong
Mexico City
Sao Paulo
San Francisco

Please let me know! Thanks!

SDorsy at gmail dot com

Sep 22, 10 11:31 am

not sure if you still need this....but I have a Chicago cad file!

Jan 25, 11 6:18 pm

Hi! I could really use a Chicago CAD. Especially the Chicago Spire area.


Feb 1, 11 3:07 pm

Are you the one that wrote an email? Ill send it out when I get home tonight!

Feb 1, 11 3:22 pm

Yes I'm the one!
Thanks a lot!


Feb 1, 11 3:27 pm

Does the file include the huge tsunami wave that the media is hyping from the storm?

Feb 1, 11 5:07 pm

I would the most grateful if you could pass on the file. I have my final degree project due in a week and would be great to have a clean file. my address as427 AT



May 21, 11 11:28 am

Are these files still up for grabs or available? alteraux[at]gmail[dot]com - It'd be much appreciated if anyone had a file to send me! Thanks!

Oct 17, 11 11:01 am

is there still a dwg file of chicago available? downtown and around the chicago spire site is what im looking for also. greatly appreciated if you could send me the file ccacciab[at] 

Oct 19, 11 3:14 pm

Would someone please send Chicago CAD files to me? I'm hoping for one that includes Wicker Park. Thanks!


Nov 7, 11 12:14 pm

I don't know if they're still available, but I am working on my thesis currently and and cad plans of Chicago would be very helpful. If anyone could send them to me I would be very grateful! Thanks in advance!


Nov 14, 11 12:31 am

I need too the cad for Chicago!! thanks a lot!!         

gogui7  at  gmail  dot  com

Nov 16, 11 7:17 am

If anyone still has that cad file of Chicago, I could really use it!


Nov 30, 11 6:57 pm

i really need a cad file of chicago if anyone still has one. please help



Feb 4, 12 3:19 pm


Feb 4, 12 3:19 pm

For future reference, if anyone is looking for a CAD drawing of Chicago, I found one online of downtown. East to West it covers Lake Shore Dr to Morgan St, and North to South, around North Ave down to about Pershing Rd.  It has all of the street blocks, about 90% of the building footprints, and the highways.  Grant Park is basically an empty space, but has the Art institute and Buckingham Fountain drawn in.  Just shoot me an email at

-Siegfried Flores

Apr 2, 12 10:52 am

poop876 do you still have that CAD file of Chicago?

Sep 26, 12 1:55 pm

my email is

Sep 26, 12 1:56 pm

poop876 :

Have you yet the cad file of Chicago??

I look for it for 1 week. Can send me this file if you have yet?

Thank you so much

My email : lomedyl at

Oct 11, 12 9:46 am

Hi, I am an architecture student as well and would like the Chicago CAD file, too. Specifially one that has the Uptown/Edgewater neighborhoods (northern Chicago) on it. If anyone has this please send it to me!


Dec 29, 12 10:43 am

hi! I'm also working in a plot close to navy pier for my graduation thesis. if those CAD plans are still rolling about I would really appreciate if someone could share them. :) they would be of immense help!



Mar 27, 13 6:28 am

Hello, Is any of you so kind to share the chicago plan cad file with me as well? I also need it for a university project! thanks so much! thanks a lot!

Apr 18, 13 5:01 pm


I am a sci arc grad student looking for a dwg of chicago, specifically downtown.  if you have anything that can help, 3d or 2d please share! thank you

May 20, 13 4:49 pm

Hey guys, my new studio project is in Chicago. Can someone email me this Cad file either 2d/3d. Id really appreciate it! Thanks

May 23, 13 10:29 pm

Well I´m with the same problem.... In order to finish my work (about Mies) I need that file... If anybody still has one... please... please i would appreciate the offer for life!

Jun 12, 13 10:26 am

If this is still getting emailed around, I could really use it as well.

Jun 12, 13 1:00 pm

If this is still getting emailed around, I could really use it as well.

Sep 24, 13 10:19 pm

I'm an architect student from Spain and I need a CAD drawning of Chicago, please. I'm studying urban planning in this city
I'd appreciate it a lot.

Sep 25, 13 5:59 pm


May I have a city of chicago cad dwg? Might you have a 3d model, I would like to have it too.

Thank you, 

Oct 10, 13 5:12 pm
Non Sequitur

Would you like us to do your project for you as well?

Oct 10, 13 5:26 pm
Ramtin Taherian
Me too me too me too !!!
Ramtintaherian at live dot com
Oct 10, 13 5:36 pm
I always thought so much time was wasted redrawing maps that have probably existed for years. Someone start a database because I'm too tired and the Tigers are on.
Oct 10, 13 9:45 pm

hi everyone,

If any of you has the Chicago autocad please be so king and send it to me too. thanks a lot

Nov 12, 13 6:22 pm

Looking for a dwg of chicago, specifically downtown, as well.  if you have anything that can help! thank you!!

Nov 22, 13 5:22 pm
Non Sequitur

I've got this 10-storey office building project and construction drawings are do soon. Anyone have a set of detailed drawings I can use?

Nov 23, 13 11:24 am

Hello! I need a Chicago CAD file, just the downtown/loop area should be enough for my graduate school studio. Thank you so much!!

Jan 13, 14 7:39 pm

Hi Everyone! Any chance someone has the Chicago Cad file everyone has posted about? I'm working on my graduate thesis on a plot of land by Huron/Fairbanks.  If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

Jan 18, 14 6:47 pm

Hello, I am doing a project in chicago for studio and it would be great if I could get the Chicago City CAD file. I would really appreciate any help! Thanks

Feb 5, 14 12:39 pm
Non Sequitur

what is this, LazyStudentsRus?

Feb 5, 14 1:11 pm

Another architecture student here...guys I would really appreciate if someone could send me the Chicago cad,I need it for my aster project!
Thank you for any help you can give!

Feb 5, 14 1:47 pm

I have been using and exporting svg files bringing into illustrator and then exporting as DWG. Couple of steps but very very clean geometry and footprints.

export from openstreetmap to illustrator:

Feb 5, 14 6:00 pm

If anyone still has cad files of Chicago floating around I would greatly appreciate a file.

Feb 19, 14 11:44 am
Non Sequitur

damn lazy students, they are everywhere!

Feb 19, 14 11:56 am

Does anyone have a file of the near north side? I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Mar 18, 14 12:48 am
Non Sequitur

See above comment.

Mar 18, 14 7:33 am

Hello, does anyone have a dwg file of Chicago Lakefront with the navy pier? I would appreciate if you kindly send it to my email: Thanks.

Jan 24, 15 11:47 am

Hi, I'm an italian student and I need the Chicago Map for a Composition Work. I really appreciate if someone send me the file.

Mar 11, 15 5:25 pm

Hi, I'm an italian student and I would like to know if someone could send me the file of the Chicago Map. I really need it, for a Composition Work. Thanks.

Mar 14, 15 5:16 am

Hello!! can anyone please send me the 3D model for chicago city? either CAD or Rhino would be great! I need the area near the Hancock Center!

my email is

Thankyou very very much!!

Apr 16, 15 10:16 pm
Non Sequitur

damn lazy students

Apr 16, 15 10:51 pm

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