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When a devastating flu outbreak hits, Novartis will be ready. At its Holly Springs location, Novartis has the capability to produce cell-based seasonal flu vaccine, pre-pandemic vaccine, and 150 million doses of vaccine within six months of the declaration of an influenza pandemic.

Responding to health crises of such proportions requires facilities that are both highly efficient and flexible. Flad Architects equipped the new quality control, testing, and administration building with BSL-2 labs that could be quickly and easily transformed to BSL-3 spaces. The facility includes common spaces such as shared entrance, dining, conference, and training areas in order to encourage communication, camaraderie, and cohesion between the quality control and quality assurance departments. These features not only expedite vaccine production, but they create an atmosphere of cooperation in pursuit of a vital goal.

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Status: Built
Location: Holly Springs, NC, US