Ferndale, MI


Lovers Only

the design concept for lovers only began during late conversations while wrapping up construction on voyager… drawing inspiration from wes anderson, while mixing in seventies basement vibes, our eclectic décor was born.

like the menu, which is features a focused offering of hamburgers and sandwiches, the programming of the space centered around a few key moments: the entry, the archway, the lounge, the park, and the community. each ‘scene’ as we call them has its own unique, and often quirky details, creating an independent dialogue within the space, while referring to the over-arching themes. the restaurant itself is fast-casual, promoting patrons to experience each space.

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Status: Built
Location: Detroit, MI, US
Firm Role: Architecture and Construction
Additional Credits: Photos by Kayla Havens


Clark's Fabrication
Box Furniture
Irevive Property Services
SDC Service Corp
Paradigm Plumbing
Diversified Electric
Ciot Detroit