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MIAS Architects - The Loop Project

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Nov 24, '23 1:16 PM EST
MIAS [The Loop Project]
MIAS [The Loop Project]

The Loop Project, the new book by MIAS Architects and published by Actar, is a collection of the last two decades of work and research done by the studio. The work cannot be explained solely as finished results but need an understanding of the design process: everything that happens before the cranes arrive. The book illustrates the projects in their final state and in their conceptualization but also constitutes, in itself, an archive.

MIAS’s book highlights two recent and notable recognitions: the first from the Centre Pompidou, which dedicated a monographic exhibition to MIAS Architects in 2020 – the exhibition became part of the centre’s permanent collection with a total of 42 models, 14 drawings and 18 engravings. The second from the Barcelona City Council and Government of Catalonia that recognised MIAS Architects with a monographic exhibition at the Museum of Architecture and Design DHUB in 2021.

A large part of the book is dedicated to the studio archive, which documents the entirety of the models, drawings and sketches produced. It also contains important contributions, including that of Sir Peter Cook, the co-founder of Archigram; contributions from Josep Miàs’ colleagues at the Bartlett School of Architecture – University College London, Bob Sheil and Marcos Cruz; and a piece from Josep Maria Montaner, renowned Catalan architect and professor.

The Loop Project book also looks towards the future after the CUCADELLUM funicular - which has been internationally recognised and recently awarded for Sustainable Transportation. MIAS is currently involved in the Vallcarca Next project and the transformation of a former cement factory and the entire seafront into a new Green Innovation District, a tech-hub in the south of Barcelona.


MIAS [The Loop Project]

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