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PES-Architects wins design competition for Shanghai Submarine Museum

By comms_PESARK
Aug 10, '21 4:24 PM EST

PES-Architects has won the invited international architecture competition for the Shanghai Submarine Museum on the Huangpu riverfront in Shanghai, China.

The new museum, administratively part of the China Maritime Museum in Shanghai, will occupy a prominent position in a dock of the former Jiangnan Shipyard, more recently part of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo site. The west bank of the Huangpu River in central Shanghai is currently undergoing a major urban transformation with old industrial docks and sites being converted into cultural venues, public parks and recreational sites.

”We’re thrilled to be implementing a project in our Chinese home town of Shanghai again. The new museum, while relatively small in size, plays an important role in the revitalisation of this historic area on the iconic Huangpu River,” says Tuomas Silvennoinen, partner at PES-Architects.

The museum will initially showcase a decommissioned submarine, later to be expanded with flexible exhibition/event spaces and a restaurant.

In PES-Architects’ concept, the museum is placed as a bridge on top of the submarine and across the dock pool, allowing for continuous flow across the site while leaving most of the dock intact. A low, simple structure of 500 m2 in the first phase, set to be completed in the first quarter of 2022, the building will grow upwards by 3,000 m2 in the second phase (2023).

The building forms a symbiosis with the submarine and hovers over the dock as a mysterious, intriguing object with fantastic views towards the river, the dock and the submarine. The reflective mirror facade simultaneously amplifies its context and disappears, attracting attention yet respecting its environment. Glass, steel and wood form an elegant contrast to the rough textures of the museum dock.

The dock floor has a gradually undulating topography that can be partially filled with water to form pools of various sizes, changing the nature and function of the space.

The competition was organised as a two-phase invited tendering procedure with a total of seven participating design practices. The jury commended PES-Architects’ proposal for its considered relationship with its surroundings, retaining the feel of the industrial dock and showcasing the submarine, yet creating an artistic architectural image towards the Huangpu River. The solution for the two construction phases was also considered successful.

Project facts: 
Invited international competition 2021, first prize
Location: No. 18 Longhua East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
Client: Shanghai Bund Investment Group Co. Ltd (BIG)
Project size: Phase I 500 m2;Phase II 3,000 m2;Curated area of site 6,600 m2
Project type: Museum
Designer: PES-Architects
Design team: Tuomas Silvennoinen (chief architect), Jyri Eskola, Ziyang Xu, Yueyang Li, Linli Lai, Jian Dou, Jianqiang Lin, Jie Tang, Xiaojing Guan

Renderings: Hansinok, PES-Architects