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By sreeves
Sep 23, '11 3:54 PM EST

In an effort to weave the virtual and real worlds and to demonstrate to the general public the role of design + designers in constituting change, OPeX studios has launched a multimodal project titled “Square Inches of Love”. The goal is to create, in association with designers, design companies, individuals and organizations around the world, a 1000 x 1000 square inch quilt collage to symbolize our support and love for children with catastrophic diseases and their loved ones. Fifty percent of all proceeds will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The Basic premises of “Square Inches of Love” project:
Anyone can participate by purchasing as few as 1 and as many as 10,000 squares for $1 each. Within their squares, participants can choose to advertise for their business or ideas, share design work, photos, logos, cards, messages, or other creative ideas. For simplicity, one can also choose from our default square options.

The Not-So-Secret Hope of OPeX studios for this project:
Salomé Reeves, the owner + founder of OPeX studios states: “We’re hopeful that the “Square Inches of Love” project will become an opportunity for designers to make a statement, to educate, to share prime advertising real-estate with designer + non-designer neighbors, to inform and be informed, to become inspired and to inspire, and above all, to commingle on a massive, yet single, panel of creations with others from all walks of life all around the world.”

Demonstrating the power of “every voice counts”, each participant – anonymously or by name – receives credit on the project’s “List of Love” webpage, with their image hyperlinked to their personal or business webpage when a URL is provided. Coordinates provided on the “List of Love” guide viewers to find images on the homepage “quilt matrix” as well as the resulting physical quilt. visitors can monitor progress on the Home Page quilt matrix which is updated daily.

The final 1000 x 1000 inch design will be transformed into a massive million square inch fabric quilt. For all the fun details, including learning about “Traveling Squares” making their way around the world, visit

For additional information:
Phone: ++1 424.603.4341