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von Staden Architects

Royal Oak, MI


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Renovating a 100 year old skyscraper after years of neglect, and altering it to house a 21st century work environment comes with challenges. The Architectural and Engineering team worked arduously to meet the requirements of a changing and varied organization, a developing property management agenda and the needs of historic preservation grants. Retaining and restoring much of the original building materials, including marble corridors and wood and brass detailing brought back to life an old dame of Detroit, and enlivened spaces once uninhabited, like a roof deck with unexpected greenery - the first exterior living wall in Detroit.

vSA and the engineering partners developed new infrastructure plans resulting in a modern standard floor plate suitable for both full-floor tenants as well as multi-tenant floors. Throughout the renovation, the infrastructure system was migrating from a steam-based heating system to a new forced-air system, all the while retaining the comfort and acclimatization of the existing environment. New toilet cores were introduced into the building, and old ones abandoned necessitating new risers being installed into existing, occupied spaces.  

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Status: Built
Location: Detroit, MI, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Peter Basso and Associate, MEP