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MOD{all} Studio is proud to present the LeanTo{ward}Home, a starter house competition entry for

This home is the perfect starter house due to its flexibility of space according to a family’s needs, its connection to the environment, and its embracing of technology.
The LeanTo{ward}Home tilts toward the sun, like the phototropic nature in plants to lean to the light. The leaning tilting roof stretches and slips over the home, not only providing summer shade for the glassy Southern exposure, but a place for Photovoltaic power and solar hot water to be installed. This large sheltering roof also collects rainwater which is pulled to the home’s service core. In the winter, the overhangs allow the sun to penetrate the glass and heat the dark floors, creating a heat sink and contributing to the solar gain during cold weather.

On the First Floor, a service core separates a higher ceiling GreatRoom containing the Kitchen and Family Room which opens up completely to an outdoor Living Room; and an AwayRoom which could be an office, sitting room, or bedroom. The GreatRoom contains Kitchen wall built-ins but no builtin island, allowing for multiple flexibility (eg. large dinner parties, Thanksgiving dinner). On the Second Floor the core separates a BigRoom which could be a Family Room, Playroom, Large Bedroom or two bedrooms; and an UpAwayRoom. The BigRoom can be configured using moveable furniture or screening.

The LeanTo{ward}Home is pulled apart, creating a variety of sizes of spaces around a common core which contains the circulation, mechanical (including sustainable) services, and technology connections, all exposed, accessible, and compatible. Not only does this allow for cost-effective installation and ease of operation and maintenance, but also to add/subtract/alter/bundle technologies. The home’s three bathrooms are prefabricated offsite and stacked in the core, sharing mechanical services. Having all services centrally located contributes educationally to all that experience it, especially as technology and sustainable systems continue to merge.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Anywhere