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(FINALIST) EChO-Mansion, Reburbia: Dwell Magazine

EChO-Mansion – noun – A repurposed McMansion whose generated carbon footprint is counter-balanced by on-site sustainable techniques.

The EChO-Mansion proposes repurposing foreclosed houses to serve to balance out the carbon footprint that has been generated by the previously inhabited McMansion.  Prior to being repurposed all salvageable items – doors, windows, fixtures, cabinets – are removed and donated for use by local Habitat for Humanity chapters.  All suThe EChO-Mansion is then reconfigured to provide the following functions:
• Power Generation:  Wind turbines are situated in window and door openings to provide wind-generated power.  Solar (photovoltaic) array panels are situated on the existing roof structure.  The electrical energy generated by the wind turbines and solar array panels is supplied back to the electrical grid for customer use.
• Reburbian Greenhouse and Laboratory: The reburbia greenhouse will be utilized to grow vegetables and plants in an effort to offset the carbon footprint generated by transporting plants.  A laboratory component will be provided to educate local residents.
• Water Collection System:  The basement is proposed to be repurposed to collect rain water that enters the EChO-Mansion.  The cistern basement will pump collected water back to a central water filtration and distribution station.

EChO-Mansion is a registered trademark of Mother Earth.  Unauthorized use of ‘EChO-Mansion’ will result in far-reaching ecological consequences.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: The Suburbs