Guillaume Mazars Architecture

Guillaume Mazars Architecture

Sydney, AU


Reveal the absence, the un-built

The proposal is to establish a monument echoing the various works of El Lissitzky. The aim is to make perceptible the notion of space and depth with a three-dimensional structure. This system will be the tool to reveal emptiness, depth, projections...
At first, this system offers to reveal the absence, or in other words the un-built. The wolkenbrugel is one of the most famous projects of El Lissitzky, but unfortunately without physical manifestation. The project consists of a three-dimensional orthogonal grid conform of the size of wolkenbrugel. Then, by subtracting, in the manner of molding, we will reconstruct the spatial presence of El Lissitzky project without physically reconstruct itself, the imaginary project remains invisible but perceptible. From this imprint, it is the imagination of the visitor who completes the virtual projection of the monument.
At night, a light network reveals the virtual contours of the Wolkenbrugel. The bright spots distributed throughout the structure are also a dynamic support for interventions of invited artists.
In a second step the frame is a structural support for the staging of graphic lines. Various structural elements painted red, a color most used by El Lissitzky, creates a unique graphic composition according to each viewpoint. These red lines placed in space together, form various graphic compositions. By displacement, the visitor built and deconstructed these compositions and appears depths. These red lines define the space.

Competition - 2nd Prize

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Novossibirsk, Russia