Guillaume Mazars Architecture

Guillaume Mazars Architecture

Sydney, AU



In response to the theme “Dream” for an ephemeral pavilion.
An air balloon descends over the Museum Gardens in the heart of London. The envelope moves awkwardly in the Museum Gardens. Following the wind it invests the edge of the clearing and sets over the trees. The landscape has changed. A new volume sets in, assimilating it with those already present. Reflections appear, the light is deviated. New colors and new shadows arise.
Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the landscape is in constant renewal.

Surrounded by a veil, an air mass is revealed. The invisible appears. Within the form, space is altered and our perception of the environment is transformed.
Inside the balloon, we are somewhere else.
Like a fog, the haze alters our view of the park and the landscape loses its accuracy. Silhouettes are blurred. People, objects, shapes and colors blend together. As in a dream, our visual perceptions are challenged. Certainties fade, our imagination is provoked during the interpretation process.

The place is still the same, a simple veil filled with air leads to a new understanding of our environment. By changing our perception, he questions our sense of place. Our altered vision of the park transforms it into a new space, combining our memories with imagined reinventions.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: London, GB