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In the next few years, one of Germany’s largest buildings with a full wood construction, initiated by public real estate company Sprinkenhof GmbH, will be completed in the Wandsbek district of Hamburg. The building's almost 34.000 m2 administration building will, when completed, accommodate 800 workplaces and create the framework for the citizens’ meeting with the public administration.

The client envisions the building as a sustainable pilot project where the sustainability of the house is visible and present - and where the green facades and exposed CLT constructions tell the story of the values the client wants to be known for. The client’s high ambitions to build the house as a beacon for sustainable construction fit well with ADEPT's own passion for creating sustainable solutions rooted in functionality and users

The project is being built on a narrow plot, the Wandsbeker Zollinsel, that has given it its characteristic narrow shape. To turn the scale of the long building more human oriented, the building is split into smaller shifted volumes, which alternate in height and façade motifs to make the overall impression varied and vibrant. 

Towards the primary arrival plaza, which creates a new attractive urban space, a fully greened gable rises above street level. On the rest of the façade there are green elements that reflect the green roof gardens at the top. The building is planned to be certified DGNB Gold as a minimum. 

The outer facades are designed to show-case the sustainable ambitions with great emphasis to a high degree of openness and interaction with users and seek to create a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the building. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Hamburg, DE
Firm Role: Lead architect
Additional Credits: Landscape: Studio Vulkan