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The 360 ha development Oberbillwerder is close to both city and landscape and is the largest one-off development in Germany since Hafen City. Fully build, the masterplan will include about 1.000.0000 m2 in a mix of housing, business, shopping, public buildings and recreational activities.

A location between meadows, cultivated farming landscape and suburban sprawl gives Oberbillwerder, just a 15 min. ride from the center of Hamburg, an enormous potential as an attractive urban development area with a highly livable and vibrant city environment. 

The existing landscape, Hamburg and the planning of Nordic Cities are among the inspirations behind the winning proposal that is based on clear founding structures, rich in everyday experiences and a high level of urban quality. The goal is an urban development with a starting point in both urban character and the presence of nature, a mosaic of neighborhoods and a focus on diversity under the headline ’ mix to the max’.

Infrastructure in The Connected City ensures rapid connections to Hamburg’s city center but prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, while looking into the future of mobility. The unifying green artery that encircles the plan provides access to all neighborhoods, public buildings and recreational activities. The overall development strategy embraces social, financial and environmental sustainability as well as climate adaption though a nuanced distribution of functions, typologies and resources. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Hamburg
Firm Role: Lead consultant
Additional Credits: Karres en Brands
Buro Happold