Tehran, IR


Koohbor House

Finding an architectural pattern for construction in urban small plots is the essence of architectural thought of this project . Such residential plots are one of the specialties of Tehran megalopolis which have caused serious restriction in creating architecture al cityscape .
To pass through these limits , in this very project, the COURT YARD as a basic-historical element in Iranian residential pattern was employed . the COURT YARD , in this project , is not an open space inside the mass , but passing through the mass and opening an urban window towards the beautiful scenery of Alborz mountains in north of Tehran .
Dividing the mass into two parts and combining it again by connecting pass ways , creates an attractive ambiance inside the mass , which leads to a better natural air- conditioning and lighting.
In addition by inducing an urban dialog between the two pieces of mass , the projects as an urban feature forms the proceeding cityscape.
Accepting such an architectural pattern for multi unit dwelling makes grounds for a fundamental reform for contemporary housing and cityscape in Tehran megalopolis and similar cities .
A small project with great expectations.

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Status: Built
Location: Tehran, IR