Tehran, IR


Fasham Residential

The unique situation of land on mountainous slopes of Alborz covered with old walnut trees played the main role in forming this project. Its planning consists of 8 residential units in which 2 units are designed in the first block, 3 in the second and 3 in the third one.
The covered and open areas in the first block are formed in relation to the placement of old walnut trees. The project is placed on various columns, permitting the sloping land passes underneath the building. As a symbol of trees, the pillars in different heights represent the continuation of nature in a man made area. A public stream on higher levels of the land flows through lower levels in various forms and with different sounds and finally in the main court pours in a pound which reflects the picture of the building.
In the second block, three residential units are separately settled on different platforms – a multi level unit above the main entrance of this complex, the other one over a rock in the middle of the land and the last one on the highest level. Between these three units a courtyard is formed in which the long branches of an old berry tree connect the buildings.
In the third block three residences are designed according to the shape and slope of the land in such a way that seems their windows are tied to the branches of walnut tree. Private courts on the second floor connect the units with the nature and astonishing scenery of the surroundings.
Multi directional stairs in all blocks provide variant vertical connections. Due to the climate of this region and the amount of snowfall, the final roof consists of two different layers. The lower layer has a structural role and upper layer resembles large scale leaves fallen in autumn on the project and suspending in the air near the roofs. The final roofs of this project varying in size and color are finally composed with the natural environment and have formed an eye catching skyline.

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Status: Built
Location: Tehran, IR