Tima Winter Inc.

Tima Winter Inc.

Los Angeles, CA


R Lounge

R-Lounge, is a high class ultra-lounge.
Designed by Tima Bell with consultation from Alexis Readinger of Preen, R-Lounge boasts the finest of décor and environment.  A central, leather clad bar with a sparkling smoked plate-glass chandelier overhead invites you to drink and watch as the space moves and fills with shadowy elegance.  A custom mirrored cavity wall filled with algae enhances the space with a subtle patterned glow and the intimate seating will only further you and your date melting into the dark corners.  Ultimately the DJ’s will bring you on to the dance floor where the custom black on black dancing wallpaper will push you into ecstasy.

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Status: Built
Location: Studio City, CA, US