Tima Winter Inc.

Tima Winter Inc.

Los Angeles, CA


Bank of Manhattan

Designed with Eric Ryder, B of M is a private equity bank located in Southern California.
The program called for a different approach to banking, with transparency and accessibility as priorities.  The teller areas are open, with no bullet glass or "man-traps", the conference room (in homage to Mario Botta) is striated wood and glazing to allow visibility and light from the exterior windows, The file room is a fully glazed office, and the lighting is designed to suggest the open air beach mentality that grows in Southern California.
All of the furniture is custom designed specifically for the bank and manufactured by TWInc.

Design Highlights include: layered wood and acrylic conference room, custom teller area, custom designed furniture throughout ( including all desks, sofa's and conference tables), Artemide light fixtures, and floor to ceiling glazing to allow lighting in from the exterior windows.

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Status: Built
Location: El Segundo, CA, US