Gothenburg, SE


Öresjö recreational area

When the sun is shining the bathing site at Öresjö comes to life. But it is also a recreational area that is used all year, for a dog walk or a trip by canoe.

The work started with a masterplan for the site. The goal was to tie the sites different parts better together and raise the overall standard. New toilets, a new stand for selling ice cream and hotdogs, upgraded furniture and playgrounds, better handicap accessibility.  Everybody´s right to beach and bathing life, was the overall goal for the design.

It is a beautiful site, which demands extra consideration when adding new elements. Natural material such as wood, stone, gravel and sand was obvious choices. Simple forms such as the circle and distinct frames creates a tension between the wild nature and the constructed elements. When placing buildings, important views was considered.

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Status: Built
Location: Trollhättan, Sweden