Gothenburg, SE


Bee Connected

To connect the park to its theme – bees and pollinating – the park’s elements are portrayed in the shape of a hexagon, which is strongly as­sociated with bees and honeycombs. The hexagon is also a common form in nature. By placing several hexagons on top each other in varying levels, different communities are cre­ated within the park that serve as planters, seating, walking surface or water containers. Each stack of hexagons sym­bolize building blocks with green walls, roofs and yards that enhances and connects the city’s green spaces. The space in-between these green communities demonstrates mono­cultures such as the city’s hard surfaces that prevent good habitats for bees and good connections. The park consisted of more than 500 hexagons and was part of Gothenburg Green World 2016 exhibition.

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Status: Built
Location: Gothenburg, SE
Firm Role: Design consultant
Additional Credits: Chalmers Architecture
White Arkitekter
Howe & White