H Architecture

H Architecture

New York, NY



H’s design for the PAT Complex II not only embodies the essence of the master plan, but also dramatically reinterprets the vision in the building scale with creative variations for diverse spatial needs and scales.

H created various optimal office spaces corresponding to unique characteristics of three governmental departments within the complex, i.e. the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Different functions were cohesively unified with multi-dimensional connecting devices including bridges and green roofs. The underside of buildings generated by pilotis structures not only creates areas of rest and recreation, but also functions as the “6th facade” accommodating way-finding graphics for visitors. Dynamic ground level configurations such as berms meet both sustainability and security needs for the complex.

As a start point of the overall curvilinear governmental complex geometry at PAT, this Government Complex II is a significant landmark and gate for the PAT. Simultaneously, H’s design lends itself to civic programs such as parks, playgrounds and occupiable roofs.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Sejong, Korea
Additional Credits: Haeahn Architecture