AKB-Atelier Kastelic Buffey

AKB-Atelier Kastelic Buffey

Toronto, ON, CA


Maison Glissade

At the base of a ski resort, this chalet references regional agricultural architecture, rather than romanticized notions of the ski chalet.  Modest in scale, the barn-like structure has its own dynamism through its iconic form that lunges towards the mountain slope.  The design was conceived for a family of five to live simply and comfortably within a small footprint.

Simple and functional bedrooms, bathrooms and a large mudroom on the ground floor encourage the family to congregate upstairs in an open, light-filled space on the second storey that comprises the living room, dining room and kitchen.  Under a gabled roof, the upper floor is like a tent that provides shelter, and opens at each end to offer picturesque views of the ski slope towards the south and the valley to the north.  To maximize the openness of this space, a steel frame was integrated into the structure so that the space is completely open, unimpeded by exposed beams or dividing walls.  Only a work niche is tucked behind the semi-partition of the kitchen.

A limited and natural material palette of cedar, concrete and pre-finished grey aluminum with white interior walls helps maintain the simplicity and clarity of the form.   Over time the cedar will grey, and with its gabled roof, the building will become even more evocative of nearby barns.   The architect’s aim was to imbue the building with modesty, integrity and serenity so that people associate its presence with composure and longevity.  The structure is not meant to represent anything in particular, but rather to serve as a backdrop for the fullness of life in and around it while it is also whimsical like an architectural line drawing or a ski jumper taking flight.

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Status: Built
Location: Collingwood, ON, CA