Stanton Williams

Stanton Williams

London, GB


UCL East Marshgate 1

UCL East is the largest single expansion of University College London since it was founded in Bloomsbury nearly 200 years ago.

Marshgate 1, will be the main educational component of the first phase of UCL East. Marshgate 1 will be the centre for the UCL East academic vision, uniting Experiments, Arts, Society, and Technology (EAST) across taught programmes, research, and innovation. Academic activities will include media, making, human settlements, conservation, heritage, future manufacturing, and training for financial and business leaders.

The building includes a range of laboratories, research and group working spaces, design studios, student-led fabrication workshops, and exhibition areas. The design is focused around collaborative social areas, promoting interdisciplinary work and interaction between teaching and research, staff and students, academics and members of the public.

The lower levels of Marshgate 1 are characterised as a network of publicly accessible spaces, to draw people into the heart of the building, blurring boundaries between internal activities and the wider public realm. Opening onto the riverside, the scheme aims to provide an animated public realm, and to engage with the Olympic Park and the surrounding community.

Construction of Marshgate 1 is due to commence this year, with the building completion in 2022.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: London, GB