Stanton Williams

Stanton Williams

London, GB


Musée d'arts de Nantes

Stanton Williams' aim was to transform the introverted image of the former Musée des Beaux-Arts into a vibrant, democratic and welcoming contemporary space that is open to the city and its people. The design adds a contemporary layer to the historical buildings, with two new buildings – the ‘Cube’ extension for contemporary art and an archive facility with a public library. A new basement underneath the Palais has been created to house an auditorium, educational spaces and additional exhibition spaces. A fully integrated landscape design has also been implemented around the museum, with a new sculpture garden located within the urban block. 

In response to an all-encompassing brief, Stanton Williams worked with the Museum to design the exhibitions within the galleries themselves, and also collaborated with Cartlidge Levene to create a new overall visual identity for the new Musée d’arts de Nantes. This has contributed to the formulation of a clear visual identity, which unites the museum’s exterior and interior, and creates a holistic museum experience.

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Status: Built