Specht Harpman

Specht Harpman

New York, NY


San Jacinto Building

Applying the principle of adaptive reuse to a three-story office building in downtown Austin, Specht Harpman worked with the site's occupants to create an open, airy floor plan with lots of natural light and an eye toward modernism and energy efficiency. Per the clients' request for a design that encouraged "taking the stairs," the Specht Harpman team created visually compelling exterior stairways on the eastern front of the building. Around to the west, a raised walkway provides a sidewalk and extra parking, encouraging customers to stroll around the new restaurants on the ground floor, like Max's Wine Dive.

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Status: Built
Location: Austin, TX, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Design Team: Scott Specht, Louise Harpman, Brett Wolfe