Specht Novak

Specht Novak

Austin, TX


New American House

New American House inverts the form of the typical freestanding residence, creating a livable oasis in otherwise undesirable areas or lots, such as industrial warehouse zones, abandoned retail sites, parcels next to highways, alley lots, and other seemingly unappealing places to live.

“New American House is modern in every way, but the design brings to mind many ancient design concepts.”
– KC Morgan, Inhabitat

The plan roughly follows a traditional Roman house model but features multiple smaller courtyards that allow for privacy at each bedroom. The exterior is a blank canvas—concrete block walls and a large steel door—which can be left as-is to fade into the background or decorated to stand out. The private roofscape features a garden, solar panels, and landing pad for delivery drones.

The privacy and small footprint of the home allow for immense versatility in location, including as part of growing urban infill trends. Stay tuned, Scott Specht is currently designing and building the first New American House in Austin, Texas. Estimated completion in 2023.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Austin, TX, US
Firm Role: Architect