Alter Ego Architects

Alter Ego Architects

Novi Sad, CS



Project presents both space instalation and utilitary object
(part of furniture), designed and carried out with antropological measures with 5 seating places.
Concept of sustainable development is consistently implemented troughout all phases of project, from selection of materials for processing, to final construction. Cardboard plates are used, with thickness of 0.5cm, hand made and assembled in layers. These layers form structure which is geometricaly shaped looked from outside (part of cube), and amorf inside.
Cardboard as material is suitable for processing, friendly for touch and renewable (recycling process can be repeated many times).
This pavilion was exposed at Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi sad, and represents experiment, as space instalation and as an example of new ways of using materials and modeling
Cardboard material of future!!!

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Status: Built
Location: Novi Sad, CS
Additional Credits: Collaboration:
Milan Atanackovic
Mitov Dejan
Bojan Polovina
Krsto Radovanovic
Predrag Vujanovic
Spasoje Radomilovic