Genoa, IT


Rice fields and design - Sambonet headquarter

This industrial complex is inserted into a rural rice-growing area.
Flat, regular planes with small differences of level, and rows of tall trees like green theatrical backdrops – these are the design’s inspiration elements. The volumes are compact and linear with flat roofs at different levels. The offices block has a completely glazed façade with protective “eye-lids” that projects the spaces towards the exterior.

As a follow up to this first phase completion, FDG was called on 2003 to the design and construction of its expansion: new masterplan, new entrance scheme, recladded outlet point and a new wharehouse.
The simple wharehouse’s structure gave space to design approach in two directions: the interaction between ‘old’ and ‘new’ and the new ‘public facade’: a screen of gigantic coloured pixel.
Coloured modules protected with a sand-blasted glass skin that by night reveals the window sections lit by security blue neon lights.

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Status: Built
Location: Orfengo (NO) Italy
Additional Credits: Design Team
E. Frigerio, R. Casalegno with F. Biassoni, K. Scott, M. Reale, L. Bigi, D. Reimondo, C. Castelli
for the warehouse: A. Capurro, G. Rossi

Engineering and Site management
IRCI S.r.l con Ing. R. Casalegno e Arch. G. Bivona

Mechanical engineering
Ing. C. Mosca

Electrical engineering
Ing. G. Del Bo

Project manager and Client consultant
Ing. F. Coppo

Artistic direction
Arch. E. Frigerio

Financial manager
Dott. P. Coppo