Genoa, IT


Green Technology

The beautiful park and Formula 1 motor racing circuit has unfortunately been scarred over the years by various interventions. The famous Tosa corner, a viewing point popular with Ferrari fans, was in a particularly poor condition, and it was urgent to consolidate the terrain and provide seating for 9,000 spectators. From the very first inspection along the track, where cars roar round at 300 km/h and there is the dirt of oil and tyres, it seemed imperative to avoid reinforced concrete. It was decided instead to opt for a solution that would enable the stands to become part of the landscape, as if it were a vineyard. We discovered that the ideal material for the stands, where greenery grows between floor and wall, was wood. The existing slope was used with minor adaptations to create a sophisticated viewing corner: nature and technology at the service of a unique spectacle.

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Status: Built
Location: Imola, IT
Additional Credits: Design Team:
Frigerio Design Group - E. Frigerio with S. Degli Innocenti, F. Salvagno, L. Merani

Structure: eng. R. Iascone
Geology: eng E. Volta Beccarelli Grimaldi