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Erich Sattler Winery

Wineloft and Sundial

Erich Sattler Winery is located in Tadten, a typical village in the Austrian wine region of Burgenland along the border to Hungary. The winery, located towards the centre of the village was constructed within a 12 x 120 m property alongside an existing L-shaped residential building with a courtyard and public access for pedestrians. At the other end of the property in the direction of the vineyards is the manufacturing and storage facility with a service entrance. In the middle of the property is a new building that is limited by two firewalls. The winery consist of the “winehall” on the ground floor that serves as a storage and processing facility, and the “wineloft” on the upper level that contains presentation space, a guest room and an office. The interior of the upper floor has an east and a west terrace with two long glass facades that allow for flowing inside/outside spaces. The roof terrace above overlooks the village and offer a 360 ° view of the surrounding vineyards, the nearby lakes and the foothills of the Alps.

The ground floor plan of the new building consists of a rectangle and the first floor of a parallelogram that is oriented east and west. These two basic forms are connected by a series of spatial diagonals and merged into a flowing overall form, creating a number of diverse spaces, views and topographies, which relate to the sun, the patio, and the surrounding environment. The remaining areas of the parallelogram serve as east and west terraces that are used for events and wine presentations. The interior space can be used as a single large space or partitioned into individual rooms through a large sliding wall and four large doors. In the middle of this space is a free standing pentagon-shaped construction made up of wooden panels that includes a kitchen and bathroom. The building construction itself consists of concrete and masonry as well as wood construction for ceilings and walls. All terraces have wooden floors and the façade of the building is painted dark grey on the outside and white on the inside. The orientation of the glass facades, the integrated cantilevered canopies and the possibility to cross ventilate every room and very good insulation allow for a pleasant climate all year round.

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Status: Built
Location: Tadten, AT