Mikou design studio

Mikou design studio

Paris, FR


School Complex Bailly Saint Denis

Situated within an industrial suburb of Paris, the Bailly School forms the cornerstone of the redevelopment of the Plaine Commune district.
With its brightly coloured shed-roofs, glazed brick façade and modesty of scale, the school both borrows from and describes a polemic condition within its context of warehouses and factory buildings.
Spatially, the built volume describes the condition between the shool and recreation centre staged within an entrance plaza, stimulating both a programmatic and social interaction.
The fifth elevation, the roofscape, acts as the integrative element of the project; exploiting the North-South orientation of the volume, it comprises large elements of fenestration; playful application of terracotta cladding and various species of vegetation, offering a distinct and disjunctive addition to its context at street level.

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Status: Built
Location: Bailly Saint Denis, France