Mikou design studio

Mikou design studio

Paris, FR


Jean Lurçat School, Saint Denis

Jean Lurçat Collège is situated at the junction of two
topographical fabrics; landscape and cityscape. The adjacent
cityscape, an unstructured area of scattered low-rise detached
housing constitutes the neighbourhood’s identity and presents
a friendly human scale.
Within the proximity of the site the Parc des Sports opens
onto the La Courneuve park, providing the school with an
open vista and contextual ties with the green spaces and
gardens of the city.
The structure is integrated into the site, avoiding abstruction of
the park, while simoultaneously linking the domestic maternal
scale of the housing by defining elements of transparency
within the built volume. This series of separate but linked
volumes, orientated North-South for maximum sunlight , follow
a curve definedby the extents of the park.
The architectural treatment of the metal roof pans introduces
variations and rhythm to create coloured modulations of
different light on the façades of each level.

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Status: Built
Location: Saint Denis, FRmik