New York, NY


Cassa New York

CassaNY is a 45-story hotel/condominium tower with 40 hotel suites on the 2nd through 5th floors, and 126 more on the 9th through 24th floors. Fifty-three condominiums start at the 25th through to the 45th floor. The 8th floor is dedicated to amenities as well as terraces. The lobby overlooks an outdoor garden also provided as an amenity. There is a high-end restaurant on the Concourse Level with lobby and street-level access. There is also a gym and storage on Level C3. Our client wanted to establish his presence as a high-end hotelier by developing boutique hotels and condo/hotel properties with select amenities and classy restaurants that provide a unique experience.  Our target market is sophisticated business travelers and a wealthy clientele seeking a pied-a-terre. Our client is also offering unique residences to individuals who seek to live in a vibrant business and theater district. The new building with a 60 foot wide frontage on West 45th Street is flanked by two existing mid-rise buildings. Air rights over an adjoining building permitted the design of a 45-story slender tower. Excavating three levels below grade required careful planning and execution to protect adjoining buildings. The structural system consists of a flat plate and reinforced concrete with columns on West 45th Street sloped to follow the zoning sky exposure plane. The primary source of cooling in all hotel suites and condominium residences is water-source heat pumps. Separate HVAC units air condition amenity spaces. Prefabricated metal panels with integrated fixed and operable windows provide a fully insulated wall system built in sections spanning floor to floor.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect & Interior Designer