Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp-FJMT

Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp-FJMT

Sydney, AU


Tyree Energy Technologies Building

Situated on the gateway site of the University of New South Wales main campus at the junction of The Mall and Anzac Parade is the Tyree Energy Technologies Building. Interwoven with the existing Eucalypts, a series of form fragments open along the Anzac Parade frontage in a distinctive gesture of openness and welcome. These forms create an urban transition, or symbiotic weave, from the street-aligned blocks to the south to the verdant campus landscape to the north.


Overhead a dramatic profiled roof is scaled to float above the canopy with a horizontal datum based on the mature height of the Fig and Cottonwood trees along The Mall. To the south, a series of articulated rectilinear forms reflecting the internal laboratory modules are set back to extend the street vista of Day Avenue into the site. The eastern laboratory module is turned to acknowledge the orientation of the Village Green.


The expansive atria, overlapping spaces, and opening of vistas to the landscape and campus beyond maximises circulation and the visibility of occupants. A sympathetic synthesis of architecture and landscape is achieved through a rich interweave of built form and landscape, modulating space and light.

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Status: Built
Location: Sydney, AU