Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp-FJMT

Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp-FJMT

Sydney, AU


Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery is of national significance; as one of the oldest museums and art galleries in Australia, and as the primary repository of Tasmanian natural and cultural material collections. The individual buildings on site are significant in their own right, containing the earliest surviving European structures in Tasmania and the most intact pre 1850s Bond Store structure in Australia. The buildings themselves are artefacts, and are as much an important part of the TMAG collection as the contents of the exhibits within them.

The focus for the Redevelopment was to work within this unique existing heritage fabric to provide public access to all and discover and reveal new opportunities within this built fabric, including areas which were previously unavailable for public access due to the configuration and fragile nature of the buildings.  The ‘insertion’ of new works draws inspiration from references of local artefacts and imagery within TMAG’s extensive collection as well as a rigorous response to existing built heritage fabric. The resultant architecture has a very specific generated outcome in response to the unique quality and intricacies of the existing heritage fabric. The Redevelopment project capitalises on the potential of a prominent and significant site for Hobart with a high standard of conservation ensuring the longevity of the buildings while integrating a new contemporary and highly considered architectural response.

Completed: 2013

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Status: Built
Location: Tasmania, AU