Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Austin, TX | Houston, TX



Nestled into a grove of heritage live oak trees in South Austin, the unassuming building that houses this restaurant hides within the dappled light and shadows of the tree canopies with its low-slung roofs and natural materials. Broad timber trusses make for expansive dining spaces, a trait hailing from the welcoming Texas dance halls of the hill country, that are naturally lit by large windows and skylights.

Exposed structural wood timbers and shou sugi ban, a traditional Japanese technique involving charring of wood, line the walls of the interior creating contrast and soft natural tones. Playful, bohemian decorations and pegboard quotes enliven the bar area, adding subtle color and jest.

The casual dining room effortlessly flows outside to the covered, community-focused patio areas. Laid-back seating arrangements include rocking chairs, 30-foot long, roughhewn community tables and banquettes, and organic woven chairs to sway in, suspended from the majestic trees.

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Status: Built
Location: Austin, TX, US
Firm Role: Architect and Interior Designer